Phase Converters

American Rotary Phase Converters bring cutting-edge innovations and technology to the phase converter industry, including advancements such as digital controls, PowerGuard protection, automatic voltage-sensing and correction, and extraordinarily low operating costs.  American Rotary provides the most innovative and reliable solutions available in the industry...and it's all customizable for your specific application and installation.  MADE IN THE USA.  Please call us at your convenience toll free 1-888-743-6832 for assistance.  Thank you!

  • Digital Rotary Phase Converter by American Rotary

    Rotary Phase Converters

    Rotary Phase Converters are a cost-effective and efficient means to start and run 3-phase motors on single phase power at 100% of their rated horsepower. Rotary phase converters can be used with heavy loads, resistive loads, multiple motor loads, multiple speed loads, and CNC equipment.
  • Static Phase Converters by American Rotary

    Static Phase Converters

    Use Static Phase Converters with Light to Moderate Single Loads Only. After starting, 3-phase motors run at 2/3 Rated Horsepower. DataLink technology advances performance with real-time component status and diagnostics only available from American Rotary.
  • Digital Phase Converter Image

    Digital Phase Converters

    Digital Phase Converters by Phase Perfect® use software in a microprocessor to control solid-state components. A digital signal processor continually and immediately monitors the phase conversion process, adjusting the input and output of the converter to maintain balanced power to all three legs under all variable load conditions.