25HP Rotary Phase Converter

Sizing Guide

25HP Data Sheet & Specifications

Now that you have determined that the 25 HP rotary phase converter is the correct size for your application, American Rotary has some exclusive choices for you - ones that you cannot find anywhere else. One of those choices is the controller. To help you choose, here are your options: Mechanical, Digital and ADX Controls:

Mechanical Controls (AR Series): Delivers the voltage balance required for CNC and other voltage-sensitive equipment, and is also advantageous to non-CNC three phase loads. Perfect for standard & heavy duty equipment including CNC, VFD & other voltage sensitive applications

Digital Controls (AD Series): The best performance and protection to the phase converter start circuit and idler/generator, and they allow for increased torque that can be required for extreme starting loads while maintaining precise voltage balancing. If the AR series is like a carbureted engine, the AD series is fuel injected…more powerful, reliable, and precise. Runs w/fully programmable MicroSmart controller

ADX Series: In addition to the AD, the ADX series adds nitrous… 250% more starting power, for compressors, pumps, flywheel loads, etc. w/fully programmable MicroSmart controller. ADX models have current control to provide consistent torque while starting high inertia, extremely hard starting loads, yet are precise enough for CNC applications.

Check out our new ADX model! See the difference in our YouTube video! Click here.


25HP Rotary Phase Converter Terminal Block Wiring25HP Rotary Phase Converter Wiring Compartment25HP Digital Rotary Phase Converter Circuit Board

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Sale Price: $1,821.00
List Price: $2,211.00
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This 25HP Rotary Phase Converter changes input single phase power into three phase power, allowing shop equipment to operate at maximum efficiency.  The proper size of a phase converter is determined by the largest load motor to start.  Please call toll free 1-888-743-6832 for sizing assistance and/or our recommendation for your specific application.  This 25HP unit will start and run:

  • Easy Loads up to 15HP: 
    Drills, Mills, Chop Saws, Wheel Balancers, etc.

  • Medium Loads up to 12HP: 
    Routers, Wide Belt Sanders, Radial Arm Saws, Air Compressors, Balers, Drills, etc.

  • Hard Loads up to 10HP: 
    Presses, Punches, Balers, Compressors, Shapers, Shears, Sheet Metal Breaks, Lathes, Sanders, Mixers, etc.

  • CNC & Resistive Loads up to 10HP (28)amps: 
    Milling Machines, Lathes, etc.

Sizing Help

Determine the load type of the application, and then consult the chart below.  Please call us toll free at 1-888-743-6832 for sizing assistance and/or a professional recommendation.

  • Easy - no flywheel, clutch, little resistance/inertia, 1-2 times full load current upon start-up
  • Medium- machine inertia, medium resistance, 3-4 times full load current upon start-up
  • Hard - flywheel, no clutch, starts against load, 5-6 times, or locked rotor current upon start-up
  • Very Hard- elevator, hydraulic pump, equipment under continuous load etc
  • Frequent Start- instant reversing, heavy running loads
  • CNC - turning centers, PLC's, EDM, CNC machining
  • Resistive - heaters, transformers, welders, power supplies etc.
Rotary Phase ConverterLargest HP Motor LoadMaximum CNC LoadMax Total Load Combined EquipOperating Cost
HPkWEasyMedHardAmpskWHP*AmpskW($ per/hr)
32.2221.50-50-1.5 1.5 9 2.7 $.01
53.73320-80-2.4 2.5 15 4.5 $.015
7.55.65530-110-3.3 3.75 22 6.6 $.02
107.47.5650-150-4.5 5 28 8.4 $.03
1511.210107.50-200-6 7.5 42 12.6 $.045
2014.91512100-250-7.5 10 54 16.2 $.06
2518.62015100-300-9 12.5 68 20.4 $.07
3022.42520150-420-12.6 15 80 24.0 $.09
4029.83025200-550-16.5 20 104 31.2 $.12
5037.34035250-700-21 25 126 37.8 $.15
6044.75040300-800-24 30 150 45.0 $.18
8058.76050400-1100-33 40 208 62.4 $.24
10073.38070500-1400-42 50 252 75.6 $.30
12088.010080600-1600-48 60 300 90.0 $.36
* total spindle horsepower: total kW of the machine must be less than max CNC load kW.
† combined loads do not include CNC or voltage sensitive loads.
‡ cost based on national average of $.10/kWhr.