CNC Applications

Computer numeric control (CNC) machines are commonly used in metal fabrication. CNC machines use electronic controls to control the speed and movement of multiple motors within the machine. CNC phase converters are phase converters that meet the requirements of 3-phase CNC applications by maintaining at least a +/-5% voltage balance. The voltage balance obtained with CNC phase converters is optimal for any application. The more balanced the output of the rotary phase converter is, the better a piece of equipment will operate and the longer it will last. Unbalanced voltages seen with non-CNC phase converters can be hard on the equipment. This can cause undesirable conditions - such as excess noise and poor performance. By balancing the output voltages, rotary CNC phase converters can be used on any type of equipment especially voltage sensitive equipment such as CNC machining centers, milling machines, lathes, PLC’s, EDM’s, and any other type of equipment that relies on balanced input power. You will want to verify that the rotary CNC phase converter is rated for the specific kilowatts (kW) that your equipment or machine requires.

  • Manual Mills
  • Manual (Gearhead) Lathe
  • Machining Center
  • Turning Center
  • CNC Lathe
  • CNC Mill

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Made & Supported in the USA

Our Phase Converters are made in the USA, using only the highest quality parts. Our Wisconsin-based team includes in-house R&D, engineering, manufacturing, tech support and customer service. We are dedicated to delivering high quality products and great service to our customers.

American Rotary phase converters come with easy to use installation procedures. A step-by-step installation pictorial is available on our website and we have a You Tube video that outlines the ease of installation. In addition, you always have access to our 24/7 toll free technical support.



American Rotary has a 10 year history of providing innovative technology and design, making our three phase converters more durable, reliable and precise than competitors. We are committed to continuing to introduce features and advances to improve our product to meet your needs.

American Rotary with John Marton of Marton Brothers

In this video American Rotary visits Marton Brothers in Lake Elsinore, CA to hear John's American Rotary story.


Keith Hansen, Owner / Jefferson State Machining

When we were looking to purchase a rotary phase converter for our shop we noticed a lot of price differences. Having bought cheaper items in the past, we knew all too well of quality and support issues down the road. Therefore we choose to purchase from American Rotary. American quality and American support. We are in our seven year of usage without a problem until we recently relocated the system to accommodate some new machinery. Due to our error, the converter wasn't working properly. A quick call to Chris at American Rotary and within a couple minutes, he directed us which lead to the discovery of our installation mistake. Within minutes, the entire system was up and running. No service calls, no fee's, just great help. A+ company.

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