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American Rotary 2014 Women In Manufacturing Summit Giveaway

Not long ago we ran our #WeAreAmericanMade video documentary contest where we showcased businesses and hobbyists who remain American made. Through the many outstanding entries we received, it was also during this time that we realized we wanted to do something specific for all of the women out there in manufacturing as well. After all, American Rotary is a woman-owned small business!

As a result, we are excited to announce that for the month of August we will be accepting entries to a sweepstakes giveaway in which the winner will receive a free 3-day pass to the 2014 Women In Manufacturing Summit in Schaumburg, Illinois this September 29 – October 1 paid for by American Rotary. With a $800 value, the winner can expect an outstanding experience that will allow them to network with others in manufacturing, participate in panel discussions, hear from keynote speakers, improve leadership and communication skills and more!




Click image above to submit your entry!


Women In Manufacturing is a nationally recognized organization that offers an abundance of resources and opportunities to women who have chosen a career path in any aspect of the manufacturing sector. With past summit experiences consisting keynotes from executives of Caterpillar, General Motors, Carhartt, Toyota, and Harley-Davidson to name a few, anticipation for this event grows every year in addition to the many other events.

To win a paid-for by American Rotary 3-day pass to the summit, simply follow the link below and enter on the American Rotary Facebook page. Every participant will have the opportunity to enter once per email address as well as have the opportunity to receive 3 bonus entries for every additional vote through their own shareable link given after entering!

We understand the many dynamics when it comes to manufacturing and industry, but one thing that remains the same is the unending need for all to learn, educate, and grow as manufacturers and producers. Through this giveaway it is our hope that we can do our part to help those women who aspire to grow and develop in their profession!

#WeAreAmericanMade Contest Recap: Part 2

As promised in Part 1 of this post, here is Part 2 of the American made businesses we want to recognize for participating in our #WeAreAmericanMade contest. Like those mentioned in the first post, we were just as impressed with the quality and uniqueness of those listed below. From machinists to designers, across America people are making all types of things that make being an American manufacturer exciting and we are honored to be a part of what they do!

Here is a look at the other contest participants:

Diversified Machine Systems

Primary Location: Colorado

Years in Business: 33 Years

What They Do: Make 3 & 5 axis CNC routers and machine centers

Products/Services: Gantry, Overhead Gantry, Twin Table, and Moving Table CNC Machines


Onyx Industries

Primary Location: Minnesota

Years in Business: 7 Years

What They Do: Make industrial signal systems and controls

Products/Services: Industrial Indicator lights, LED lights, and Panel & Mounting accessories


Uzi HQ

Primary Location: Florida

Years in Business: 2 Years

What They Do: Make Uzi parts

Products/Services: Sights and Mounts, Receiver Parts, Bolt Parts, Barrels, Stocks, Grips, Forends, Top Covers, Magazines, and Grip Frame Parts


Belt Envy

Primary Location: Pennsylvania

Years in Business: 3 Years

What They Do: Design and make wearable accessories

Products/Services: Buckles, Belts, Cuffs, Straps, and Pendants


Ashley Harwood

Primary Location: South Carolina

Years in Business: 5 Years

What They Do: Hand-turned wood making

Products/Services: Bowls, Furniture Parts, Ornaments, Jewelry, and woodturning classes


NYC CNC Machine Shop (Grand Prize Winner!)

Primary Location: New York

Years in Business: 7 Years

What They Do: Metalworking, Machining, Fabrication, Prototyping and more.

Products/Services: Produce Machining and Prototype Tutorials

Again as with those mentioned in the first part of this blog post, we highly encourage you to check out all of the businesses listed above and share them with others whom may find them interesting as well.

We look forward to showcasing more American made businesses in the future!


Keep Innovating,


David Rehm | CEO

American Rotary

#WeAreAmericanMade Contest Recap: Part 1

As many of you know, in June we ended our first ever promotional contest. Having been in business for over 20 years we know there is an endless amount of incredible people and businesses out there who are just like us, doing what they love to do, which is making things! In addition, we also know that many of those people and businesses also believe what we believe, which is keeping what they make, made in America.

Despite the debate that whether remaining “American Made” really matters anymore in a global economy, there is one thing that is for certain when it comes to being made in America. American made products continue to be the highest quality products in the world. Whether big or small, cutting edge or original, we all put our best in the work we do with every piece, part, and product made and service delivered.

As a result, we wanted to take this 2-part blog series to briefly recognize those, who in effort to grow their business, participated in our first contest despite winning the grand prize.

Blake Jones Designs

Primary Location: Texas

Years in Business: 30+ Years

What They Do: Make and design canvas and leather products

Products/Services: Hunting Accessories, Luggage, Office Accessories, Bags


Globe Composite Solutions

Primary Location: Massachusetts

Years in Business: 100+ Years

What They Do: Design and tooling

Products/Services: Make custom non-metallic composite components, cast and molded products, fabrication, prototype products, extrusions and roll coverings


Palomar Technologies

Primary Location: California

Years in Business: 19 Years

What They Do: Provide packaging and assembly solutions

Products/Services: Die and wire bonders, semi-automated and manual bonders, bond testing equipment, plasma cleaners, laser interferometers, and refurbished systems


Partridge Knives

Primary Location: Florida

Years in Business: 7 Years

What They Do: Make custom designed knives

Products/Services: Mammoth Tooth, Exotic Woods, Sheeps/Rams Horn, Buffalo Horn, Giraffe Bone, The Purple Heart Knife, The Hog Series, and more


Hydrogen House Project

Primary Location: New Jersey

Years in Business: 3 Years

What They Do: Educate and conduct research & development projects on clean energy, renewable energy technologies

Products/Services: Solar panels, Home Appliances, Education Kits, Electrolyzers, and Fuel Cells


Steam Horse Dry Goods

Primary Location: Tennessee

Years in Business: 100+ Years

What They Do: Make Textiles and Apparel

Products/Services: Shirts, Pants, Work Vests, Jackets, Boots, and more

Though we could go into great detail on each of these, it goes without a doubt that each of these businesses are truly unique and special in their own way. Just the wide variety in industry and specialty alone goes to show the depth of American industry and the precision with which each good and service is produced.

We encourage you to check out all of the businesses listed above and take the time to share this with others. Last but not least, we want to again thank all of those who participated in our contest and we look forward to running more in the near future!

Look for Part 2 of this blog series in a couple of weeks to see more American Made businesses!


Keep Innovating,

David Rehm | CEO
American Rotary

The American Rotary Video Contest Winner is. . .

NYC CNC Machine Shop! Congratulations on an outstanding comeback!

First and foremost, we want to sincerely thank all of those who participated in our #WeAreAmericanMade contest. Back in March, we got the idea to do the contest as a way to showcase those who make America great through the things they build, make, create, and/or operate. We were truly impressed by the wide variety of submissions as a number of businesses and individuals tagged their photos and videos throughout April and May. So much so, that it only seemed right to allow the fans choose the winner!

An amazingly skilled knife maker at Partridge Knives jumped out to an early lead, but before long NYC CNC Machine Shop came back to take the lead and capture the contest with a relentless 118 votes and 50% of the total vote. We will be in contact with you shortly to acknowledge your victory and make plans to come out and see what your shop is all about!

NYC CNC was started in 2007 when John purchased a TAIG desktop CNC milling machine for his Manhattan apartment.  John had been trying to bring a product to market and struggled working with machine shops for one-off prototypes and tweaks.  He started a now-popular YouTube Channel documenting successes & failures while learning the many skillsets of machining and fabrication.  NYC CNC has since grown out of Manhattan to a proper shop with a Tormach PCNC 1100 CNC Mill, an Emco V13 lathe, a 4’x4′ CNC Plasma Cutter and various of machining and fabrication equipment.

John and NYC CNC will be relocating their operations this summer and we are excited to visit him and create a custom video featuring his #WeAreAmericanMade business.



From self-made machinists like NYC CNC Machine Shop, to innovative pioneers like the Hydrogen House Project, to independent craftsmen and craftswomen, such as Ashley Harwood, it is clear that we all play a substantial role in both the American economy and American quality of life. Without any of you we wouldn’t even have the ability to do what we do and we couldn’t appreciate all of you enough.

Thanks again to all our entries, including:


Blake Jones Design –

Palomar Technologies-

Globe Composite Solutions –

GCS Marine –

Diversified Machine Systems –

Onyx Industries –

Partridge Knives –

Uzi HQ –

Belt Envy –

Hydrogen House –

Steam Horse Dry Goods –

Ashley Harwood –

To see our entire collection of #WeAreAmericanMade videos, please visit us on YouTube!  


Keep it American Made,

David Rehm

CEO | American Rotary