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“We Are American Made” Contest Video Entries

The doors are closed and the polls are open for the “We Are American Made” Contest 2.0.

In case you don’t know, entrants had to do 2 things…

1.) Explain something they build, make, create, or operate.


2.) Describe being American Made means to them.

We had 6 entries and each is unique with the potential to take the grand prize of a $1,000 Visa card from American Rotary and a $1,000 American Rotary credit.

Who wins is up to you. Below is each video entry. Once you have viewed each video, we invite you to cast your vote here for who YOU think should WIN!

Thank you again to all the participants!

Voting ends at midnight on Monday, April 15, 2019. Enjoy…

Ray Caniglia

Keny Franquero

Scott Tyndall

Justin Mairot

Jim Bollinger

Mark Fischer