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American Rotary Phase Converter Installation Video

If you’ve recently purchased a phase converter or are considering purchasing one, you may be wondering what is all involved when it comes to setting it up.

In this video, we show you the basic installation techniques of the American Rotary Phase Converter Panel. The idea is to show how easy it is to install, and also to provide a video reference for our customers.

As always, if you have any questions regarding your American Rotary phase converter, or which phase converter might be best for your unique situation, give us a call at 1-888-743-6832 and we will be happy to help.

Cannon Shooting with Richard and Dusty Hicks

At American Rotary, we have the opportunity to connect with customers across the country who create amazing, American made products. Last month, we had the chance to meet up with Richard and Dusty Hicks at the NYC CNC Show. Dusty and his father, Richard, are long time American Rotary customers and invited us out to visit their workshop in Union Mills, Indiana to see what they were working on, including fully functioning, miniature cannons!


Dusty and Richard have an impressive workshop that includes a Bridgeport Mill, a LaBlond Lathe, a CNC machining center, a crane and welder all powered by American Rotary phase converters. Dusty shared, “We don’t have access to three phase utility power and the cost to bring it out to our property is outrageous.”

The Hicks are also running two of our new AI Industrial units to irrigate their fields, driving their farm lease revenue. We also had a chance to visit their forest of impressive black walnut trees. Richard added, “We used to run our irrigation systems on diesel generators, but we’ve found it is more cost efficient to use an American Rotary phase converter.”

Dusty and Richard are both full of entrepreneurial spirit and we had a great time checking out all the new products they were working on. Dusty was experimenting with a number of new projects, including; tractor attachments, chess pieces and our favorite. . . Dusty’s miniature, fully functioning cannons. Check out this video to see these amazing cannons in action!

Big thanks to Richard and Dusty Hicks for having us out to their workshop. We had a great time on our visit.  Seeing the cannon in action was a definite highlight. “I could sit out here and do this all day!”, Christopher Feavel, American Rotary.

If you would like American Rotary to visit your business or home workshop, give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to hear your #WeAreAmericanMade story!

Low Cost 3 Phase Power

Low-Cost 3-Phase Power

by Farm Show Magazine

Gentec American Rotary’s phase converters supply 3-phase power without 3-phase service or cost. Motors wired for 3-phase power, run smoother, draw less power and last longer than single-phase motors, but retrofitting 3-phase service is costly.

“A primary benefit of our converters is that we use VIT generators instead of a 3-phase motor,” says Chris Feavel, Gentec American Rotary. “We provide a true soft-start application and require only a third the starting power of others. We also use a patented microstart controller that provides precise control and monitors voltage every 50 milliseconds. It offers fail-safe features unavailable with other converters. They prolong the life of the phase converter and the equipment it powers.”

Rotary phase converters can be an economical alternative, whether for a single irrigation pump or one or more 3-phase motors in a shop.

“Our phase converters are often packaged with 3-phase equipment by the manufacturer or as part of an OEM application,” says Feavel. “Irrigation equipment companies may build in a phase converter so the equipment can be used with either single or 3-phase power. We also have customers who simply got great deals on 3-phase equipment.”

Gentec American Rotary offers a wide variety of phase converters from the EZ line for home hobbyists and small businesses to the newly introduced AI industrial line. EZ converters range from $297 for a 1-hp unit to $379 for a 5-hp unit.

“Our new AI industrial line is rain, dust and snow proof,” says Feavel. “It operates in temperatures from minus 50 degrees to 120 degrees. It has dust filters, a sun shield, rodent screens, and comes with automated and wireless control options.”


Sizes in the AI line range from 3 hp to 300 hp and start at $879. In all lines, final price depends on upgrades and accessories, such as wireless remote start, internal breakers and delay on/delay off timers.

Gentec American Rotary sells only American-made equipment and offers an extensive warranty and 24/7 customer support and sales.
Phone: 262 402-6400
Toll free: 888 743-6832

Source: Farm Show – 2015 – Volume #39, Issue #2, Page #20

NYC CNC Open House with John Saunders

The DEATH of traditional tradeshows?


When you go to a trade-show, do you ever get the feeling that you are being sold to?  If you are like me, I just want to look at equipment and get more information.  A tradeshow provides a chance to see a machine up close, but everyone knows that companies are really there to sell, and just about any machine looks good when new, with a factory pro running it, in a environmentally controlled carpeted showroom.   With the age of social media, there may be a new way to get a realistic perspective on equipment beyond the video.


Our friend John Saunders of Saunders Machine Works, YouTube: (NYC CNC) may just be onto something a bit different.  John is hosting a mini-trade-show or open house so that any of his more than 45,000 YouTube subscribers can see first hand some of the machines working that he uses daily in his videos about metalworking and machining.


John’s YouTube channel is called NYC CNC and he provides his viewers with a first hand look at some of the problems and solutions of running a small machine-shop.  Attendees of his open house will get to see his equipment, making real parts in a real shop, in real time.  No sales people, just technicians on hand to answer questions and to demonstrate the machines in a real working environment. 


American Rotary is here in Zanesville, Ohio at John’s shop to help support his efforts and to answer any questions regarding the use of American Rotary Phase Converters which run some of John’s equipment.


As a proud sponsor of John’s Open House, we are giving away our newest phase converter, AI – American Rotary Industrial, to one lucky winner. See our Facebook page for more details! 




Visit John online to learn more about NYC CNC and Saunders Machine Works!

The World’s First 3D Printed Car!

In 2014, Local Motors along with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Cincinnati Corporation, US Department of Energy, BAAMCI, used a Large 3D printer known as BAM (Big Area Additive Manufacturing) printed a functioning car chassis, eliminating approximately 20,000 parts from a typical car’s Bill of Materials. While only a technology demonstrator at this point, Local Motors has the vision to bring this type of technology to market in the near future, creating on-demand vehicles for various markets. American Rotary was there to document this new use for the world’s newest industrial manufacturing technology, 3D printing!