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It was a long and cold winter but Spring is finally here! To kick off the season we are taking the months of April and May to showcase companies who make America great by building American made products!

We are excited to kick off our 2014 #WeAreAmericanMade campaign. Throughout the months of April and May, we encourage you to share a photo, video or article about any American Made product which you build, make, create or operate. Post it on any of our social media pages, including; YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+. We will share your submissions across our social media channels throughout the month, so the earlier you tag your entry the more exposure for your business!

Coming from the Aerospace industry, we are naturally hyper-focused on engineering, but we are also fortunate to be inspired and challenged by an exceptional customer base.

We also recognize that some of the most important engineering challenges are often inspired by our customers who use our products every day.  I am fortunate enough to go out a several times every year and visit with customers, learn what they do, how they use their equipment, how our phase converters work into their work-flow, and just keep that “engineering reality check” up-to-date.

One of the things that keeps American Rotary leading the phase converter industry is the effort we make to know our customers.  Just in 2012 and 2013, we visited and shot video for short documentaries with Bryan Ryan (cabinet maker), Maui Diving (scuba compressors), Jim Levrich (Grain Drying), Maule Aircraft (certified aircraft manufacturer), Wilderness Resort & Waterparks (large water pumps),  Pellet Masters (fuel pellet equipment), Henry Royer (Metal Artist) and many others as can be found on our YouTube channel at: These visits alone have driven engineering changes to our product that would just not be possible without those visits and being a part of the daily use and installation of our phase converters.

See our recent video with Henry Royer below:

I sincerely hope you take the opportunity to become a part of our honorary engineering department this year, and even if you don’t use our product, we would love to see what awesome projects you are working on.  I hope to see some of you this year for a video shoot about your product or project weather it be for a hobby or business.

Keep innovating, and remember… keep it “Made in America”


David Rehm
American Rotary

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