Digital Smart Statics

High Performance Digital Static Phase Converter

Digital Smart Statics
Digital Smart Statics
Digital Smart Statics

DSS Static Phase Converter by American Rotary Use with light to moderate single loads rated between 3/4 and 1 1/2 HP only. After starting, 3-phase motors run at 2/3 rated horsepower. DataLink technology advances performance with real-time component status and diagnostics only available from American Rotary.

Quick Sizing Guide

Phase Converter Model PSC HD 1/3-3/4 PSC HD 3/4-1.5 PSC HD 1-3 PSC HD 3-5 PSC HD 4-8 PSC Dual 1/3-1.5 PSC Dual 1-5 PSC Dual 3-8
Single motor start max. (HP) .75 1.5 3 5 8 1.5 5 8

*Combined loads vary with type and size of the equipment

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Digital Smart Statics
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