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  • Brad ., . / . Agriculture

    Installation of AD10 American Rotary Phase Converter and motor is complete, photo attached. Could not have been any more straightforward - I am not an electrician by any means, but was able to complete all of the wiring with no issues, and just had a licensed electrician in to validate my work and make the connection my home service panel.


    The motor is exceptionally quiet, the overall product quality is top notch, and the customer service received in talking through my needs was impeccable.  A couple of techs spent quite a bit of time talking me through the details, giving guidance on wire gauges, and tips on initial set up.  Excellent service.

  • Mark Fischer, Owner / Castle Valley Mill Agriculture

    The phase converter is working perfectly.  It’s much quieter that the previous one, and so far the VSD unit has not skipped a beat so the voltage appears to be nice and clean.  Very happy with your product.

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American Rotary Testimonial

We couldn't have said it better ourselves! American Rotary dropped in to see what Jeff was building in his workshop. He gave us an unexpected testimonial about his experience with American Rotary phase converter.

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