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What are Phase Converters?

A phase converter is a machine that uses a motor or capacitor to convert single-phase power into three-phase power. If you have a shop with machinery that requires a heavy electrical load, you probably need three-phase power to use those machines.

Most electrical services only provide single-phase power and, if they do offer three-phase, it’s time-consuming and expensive to install.

A phase converter is cheaper, easier to install, and can run your three-phase equipment by converting the single-phase power from your utility company to the three-phase power needed to run your equipment.


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Types of Phase Converters

There are two main types of phase converters: static phase converters and rotary phase converters.

Static phase converters use capacitors to help start machinery under a three-phase load. Once the machine is running, the static phase converter then disconnects, allowing the device to run on single-phase power. The drawback to using a static converter is that the equipment can only run at about 2/3rds of its rated capacity after starting up.

Rotary phase converters use a generator motor to convert single-phase power to three-phase, which your equipment needs to start up and run. A rotary converter supplies continuous three-phase power to the machines connected to it for safe, reliable, and balanced operation.

Applications of Phase Converters

You can find three-phase converters in many settings. Some typical applications and equipment include:

  • Machining: CNC mills, CNC lathes, Manual Mills, Manual Lathes
  • Metalworking: Welders, plasma cutters, grinders, presses, electrical discharge machines (EDMs), shears, brakes, and benders.
  • Woodworking: saws, dust collectors, routers, edge banders, shapers, drills, molders, wide-belt sanders, blowers, air compressors, planers, and edgers.
  • Agriculture: augers, grain dryers, heaters, submersible pumps, conveyor belts, hullers, chain hoists, irrigation pumps, balers, tower pivots, grain mixers, grinders, booster pumps, grain drying fans, and blowers
  • Food Service: Ovens, rotisseries, and ice cream machines

This is just a selection of the industries and equipment which require three-phase power and benefit from phase converters.