Phase Converters

Our high-quality power converters provide top-notch reliability and uptime to keep you working longer and make your dreams a reality. All of our products are proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. 


From industrial applications to home workshops and even on the go, American Rotary’s rotary three-phase converters are designed to provide continuous, balanced three-phase power for any load.

  • AR

    AR General Purpose – The AR Rotary Phase Converter provides utility-grade power and is designed for light/medium duty general purpose loads.


    Best for: Light to medium duty, general-purpose loads.


    Floor Mount Style: Some assembly required

  • AD

    AD Digital Smart Series – The AD Rotary Phase Converter is specifically suited for CNC, VFD, rectified and any other voltage sensitive equipment.


    Best for: Any load, especially resistive, rectified and computer loads such as CNC, VFD, EDM, and battery chargers.


    Floor Mount Style: Some assembly required

  • ADX

    ADX Extreme Duty Smart Series – The ADX Smart Series Rotary Phase Converter is designed for high inertia/friction loads. The ADX rotary phase converters have current control to provide consistent torque while starting high inertia, extremely hard starting loads, yet are precise enough for CNC applications.


    Best for: High Inertia/friction loads such as pumps, fans, compressors, blowers, dust collectors and fly wheels.


    Floor Mount Style: Some assembly required

  • AUL

    AUL UL Listed Series – UL licensed units may be required by your state or local inspector. If you require a UL licensed unit our AUL model is the right model for you delivering all the power and features of our ADX and AI units.


    Floor Mount Style: Some assembly required

  • AI

    AI Industrial Grade Rotary Phase Converter – The AI Industrial was designed specifically for the demands of industrial and agricultural applications. Our AI Industrial digital phase converter is designed with a Type 3R enclosure for ultimate protection.


    AI Industrial can save you thousands of dollars a year over utility and diesel generated power sources.


    Lead times may exist. Please call us for further details.

  • AMP

    AMP Mobile – The AMP Mobile rotary phase converter is plug-and-play ready for a quick and cost-effective installation. Equipped to run 208-250V equipment in three tiers:


    Tier 1: 1 Breaker and 1 Receptacle
    Tier 2: 2 Breakers and 2 Receptacles
    Tier 3: 3 Breakers and 3 Receptacles


    These built-in features allow this unit to be little to no installation costs! In addition, this unit comes built with our top of the line Smart Series features to run any and all load types making this unit fully versatile for your needs!

  • DIY Panels

    Phase Converter Panel – This DIY Rotary Phase Converter Panel is manufactured in the USA by American Rotary and can be paired with your stock motor. (Motor not included, this is the converter panel only)


    A detailed installation manual and quick start guide are included.


    REQUIRED: Delta wound connection, 3-phase stock motor, 60 Hz, 208-240v, recommended 1700-1750 RPM