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American Rotary supplies phase converters for every facet of the woodworking industry! While a single phase converter can be used to operate a single piece of machinery, woodworkers often need to start and run multiple 3-phase machines (sometimes simultaneously), which also have varying load conditions. The balanced output of American Rotary phase converters allows for the safe operation of very small, lightly loaded 3-phase machinery on the same rotary 3-phase converter as larger, hard-starting equipment.

  • Saws
  • Dust Collectors
  • Routers
  • Edge Banders
  • Shapers
  • DrillsMolders
  • Wide-Belt Sanders
  • Blowers
  • Air Compressors
  • Planers
  • Edger

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Made & Supported in the USA

Our Phase Converters are made in the USA, using only the highest quality parts. Our Wisconsin-based team includes in-house R&D, engineering, manufacturing, tech support and customer service. We are dedicated to delivering high quality products and great service to our customers.

American Rotary phase converters come with easy to use installation procedures. A step-by-step installation pictorial is available on our website and we have a You Tube video that outlines the ease of installation. In addition, you always have access to our 24/7 toll free technical support.

Built Tough to Last in the Toughest Conditions

Our exclusive integrated soft-start VIT (Variable Impedance Technology) is built directly into the idler/generator and drastically reduces inrush (starting) current. The result is reliable starts, every time, with no voltage drop that can dim your neighbors’ lights.

American Rotary phase converters are rated to run single or multiple motor loads. This capacity is only limited by the single phase current available. Our phase converters are precision balanced from a “no-load” condition so you don’t need to worry about running a small motor together with larger ones using the same phase converter. More importantly, our phase converters can operate with no load engaged for an indefinite period of time, so you don’t have to worry about damaging our units while your equipment loads are not operating. Our engineering department can help determine the right size phase converter for your needs.


American Rotary has a 20+ year history of providing innovative technology and design, making our three phase converters more durable, reliable and precise than competitors. We are committed to continuing to introduce features and advances to improve our product to meet your needs.

Industry Leading Phase Converter Features:

  • Precision voltage balanced with our patented MicroSmart Controller
  • Custom Powder-Coated Steel Nema 1 and Nema 3R Enclosures Available
  • Removable Sides for Easy Installation
  • Wall or Floor Mount Configurations available
  • VIT Electric Induction Generator with Soft Start Technology and Efficiency
  • Full Current, Latching Push Button Starter
  • PowerGuard Protection from Utility Interruption
  • Current Transient Reactor (ADX, AI, AMP Models) for Starting of High Inertia Loads


Wayne Johnson, /

I just finished installation of my new converter today (Rotary Phase Converter AR10-10HP 1 to 3 Three PH). I'm writing just to let you know how happy I am with its operation! It's super quiet, and my machine runs beautifully!
I bought a used woodworking stroke sander a few months ago, and like many people, tried a cheaper static phase converter. I can't tell you how much time I wasted (and money too) trying to make things work. Those static converters, both a manufactured one AND a custom one made from a motor shop in-town--- both units made my sander work, but it sounded like a freight train, and I knew I was tearing my 3-phase motor apart!!

Then I found your rotary converter---and WOW---- that's what my sander is supposed to sound like! Full power, fast start-up---- I'm very pleased with your converter--- it did exactly what you promised.
Thanks again! Now, I'm off and running with my backlog of wood projects.

Unexpected plus from this purchase is that now I'm fully ready for another 3-phase machine for my shop. Of course I would never use both machines at the same time, but the power is now there. Perfect!!

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American Rotary AR, AD, ADX & AUL Rotary Phase Converter Overview

In this video, we give you an overview of the AR, AD, ADX, and AUL lines of American Rotary Phase Converters. Learn the difference between each model and which might be best for you and your equipment.