• American Rotary Phase Monitor

    The American Rotary three-phase monitor was designed by American Rotary engineers to give you the best three-phase power monitoring protection in the industry. By monitoring all three phases, you will be able to protect your equipment in case of a phase loss.

    American Rotary Phase Monitor



    $130.68 Phase Monitor
  • Connector Body Plugs

    Connector Body Plugs

    $66.00$79.20 Connector Body Plugs
  • Connector Body Receptacle

    Connector Body Receptacle

    $72.60$85.80 Connector Body Receptical
  • Idler Grease

    Idler Grease

    Available on backorder

    Idler Grease



    $25.00 Idler Grease
  • Phase Converter Panel Mount Breakers

    Our Phase Converter Panel Mount Circuit Breakers can mount directly into our Phase Converter panels for protection on the three phase side.
    *1 Breaker per control panel
    • Common Trip
    • Thermal Magnetic
    • 3 Pole
    • 240V
    $143.88$209.88 Panel Mount Breakers
  • Panel Mount Receptacle

    This accessory is used if you want the capabilities of easily plugging your equipment in versus hardwiring into the converter. Comes pre-installed into laser knockout located on the bottom of the converter panel or can be self-installed.

    $66.00$79.20 Panel Mount Receptical
  • Rubber Isolation Mounting Feet

    Rubber Isolation Mounts / Feet fit our 3 HP through 10 HP American Rotary Phase Converters.  Mounts for our larger converters are available.

    These rubber feet are made of the best isotropic vibration damping material available.  They are chemical and heat resistant. The set of 4 come with the proper bolts and washers to fit with our custom generators.

    $21.95$119.95 Rubber Isolation Mounting Feet
  • Wired Remote Starter

    Our wired remote system allows you to control your phase converter with the flick of a switch! This will also allow you to have multiple on/off switches in different areas of your shop.