7.5 HP Phase Converter

General Purpose Rotary Phase Converter

The 15 hp/15 kVA 3 phase converter from American Rotary is designed to power most loads up to 7.5 hp or 21 amps.


The AR15 is a great solution due to its reliability and affordable price tag.


It was designed and is best suited for general or light duty loads up to 7.5 hp.


An example of these loads would be a drill press.


The AD15 is the perfect solution for voltage-sensitive equipment such as welders, ovens, EDMs, and CNCs. It was designed with our microsmart controller to give you more precise power and efficiency.


Benefits of the AD15 include reliability, precision, and longevity.


The ADX15 is our most versatile series designed to give you the cleanest, most balanced power for high inertia loads such as pumps, air compressors, and equipment with a flywheel, yet it is able to handle the most sensitive type of loads. Advantages to the ADX15 include our CTR Technology which allows for on-demand call of power for the toughest starting loads. Making the ADX15 the best choice for all consumers.


The AUL15 offers the same great technology as the ADX15, but it comes with a UL registration needed in certain applications. Ask your electrician if UL registration is required in your installation.


Rest assured that whichever American Rotary model you choose, it will give you many years of reliable power and is backed by its lifetime warranty.All of these models are available in floor mount and wall mount configurations. Some assembly required

Phase Converter Wizard

When sizing for a Rotary Phase Converter it is best to size with a 2:1 ratio to ensure you will have enough starting capacity. This sizing guideline will protect your equipment long term and ensure it performs at its highest efficiency.

Try out our Phase Converter Wizard by selecting your equipment type and inputting its total HP rating to see which converter series and size would be best for you.


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General Purpose Rotary Phase Converter

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7.5 HP Phase Converter



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