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18 Types of Woodworking Joints and When To Use Them

How many different ways can you put two pieces of wood together? Turns out, quite a few! Wood joinery is a lot more complex than driving a few nails or screws through two pieces. Sometimes the variations among wood joints are significant. Sometimes more subtle. But each has its own strengths, weaknesses, and best applications.  […]

7 Best Welders for Beginners and What to Look For

Looking to get better as a welder? Practice is the key.  Having your own welding machine helps you get the practice you need. But there are hundreds of options on the market. What’s right for you?  Read on as we explore our picks for the seven best welders for beginners and what to look for […]

6 Best Metals for Machining: What Do You Need?

The world of cutting and shaping metal is wide open with possibilities. Choosing a metal for a machining project isn’t as simple as just grabbing any available piece of material. So, which metal is right for you? Explore the six best metals for machining in this guide. 1. Steel Steel—a metal alloy of iron and […]

What Welder Do You Need? Buyer’s Guide and Our Picks

Buying a welder is a key decision for any DIYer. Depending on your needs, you could be looking at investing a couple hundred dollars … up to a few thousand. And there are thousands of choices out there. Plenty of questions to sort through, too. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Read on as we break […]

The 5 Basic Types of Welding Joints

If you’re an aspiring welder, you know that welding creates a strong connection between two or more pieces of metal.  But just how strong that connection is—and what you need to do to achieve it—depends on several factors. One of the most important is the type of welding joint you’re working on. The term “welding […]

Understanding Welding Symbols 

To the uninitiated, a welding symbol can look like ancient hieroglyphics. Or some convoluted math problem.  The truth is it’s neither of those. But it’s complex, for sure! A welding symbol on a print is also packed with important information, unlocking the secrets of a weld specification. Within its cryptic marks are all the keys […]

Metal Lathe Tips

Metal Lathe Tips Make Making Easier and Safer

A metal lathe is a mesmerizing machine. Watch it spinning a workpiece at high speed. Then the metal gets smaller and smoother—almost like magic. Except it isn’t magic at all. Nothing happens on a metal lathe without skill and attention. At least, nothing good. If you don’t follow the fundamentals of effective lathe operation, you’re […]

Milling machine for beginners title graphic

Milling Machine for Beginners: Buyer’s Guide and Basic Operation

Learning how to use a milling machine is an important step for any beginning machinist. With precision metal-cutting capabilities, a mill (along with a lathe) is a must-have for any machine shop. Get to know this vital machine with this buyer’s guide and overview of basic operation. Parts of a Milling Machine By rotating a […]

Title graphic for Best Wood Lathe for Beginners

Best Wood Lathe for Beginners: Tips to Buy and Our Picks

For the beginning woodworker, few tools are as essential and versatile as a good wood lathe. But there are thousands of options out there. How is someone relatively new to the trade supposed to figure out what to invest in? We’re here to help you make the right turn from the start. Read on for […]

Title graphic for Metal Lathe for Beginners

Metal Lathe for Beginners: Basic Operation

A metal lathe plays a key role in so many different machine shop jobs. So, getting to know this versatile machine tool is an important first step for beginning machinists.  This article will provide an introductory overview of the basic operation of a metal lathe.  How a Metal Lathe Works A lathe does its job […]