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“We Are American Made” Contest Video Entries

The doors are closed and the polls are open for the “We Are American Made” Contest 2.0.

In case you don’t know, entrants had to do 2 things…

1.) Explain something they build, make, create, or operate.


2.) Describe being American Made means to them.

We had 6 entries and each is unique with the potential to take the grand prize of a $1,000 Visa card from American Rotary and a $1,000 American Rotary credit.

Who wins is up to you. Below is each video entry. Once you have viewed each video, we invite you to cast your vote here for who YOU think should WIN!

Thank you again to all the participants!

Voting ends at midnight on Monday, April 15, 2019. Enjoy…

Ray Caniglia

Keny Franquero

Scott Tyndall

Justin Mairot

Jim Bollinger

Mark Fischer

Jimmy DiResta with American Rotary Phase Converters

Not long ago, we had the pleasure to visit with the one and only Jimmy DiResta. Jimmy is a designer, builder, maker, educator, and all-around inspiration to many.

In the first two videos below, DiResta offers insight into how he got started in his career. In the third video below, he offers up his advice on how to create an effective YouTube channel. If you don’t already follow his, you can subscribe here. You won’t regret it.

Jimmy DiResta – My Start Part One

Jimmy DiResta – My Start Part Two

YouTube Advice From Jimmy DiResta

American Rotary Phase Converter Installation Video

If you’ve recently purchased a phase converter or are considering purchasing one, you may be wondering what is all involved when it comes to setting it up.

In this video, we show you the basic installation techniques of the American Rotary Phase Converter Panel. The idea is to show how easy it is to install, and also to provide a video reference for our customers.

As always, if you have any questions regarding your American Rotary phase converter, or which phase converter might be best for your unique situation, give us a call at 1-888-743-6832 and we will be happy to help.

Olivetti Bike Company with American Rotary Phase Converters

As the second of our many stops on our trip to Colorado, we visited with Owner and Designer, Peter Olivetti, of the Olivetti Bicycle Company.

Peter operates his business out of his home workshop in the mountains of Boulder where three-phase power is cost-prohibitive to obtain. In addition, he needs to be able to deliver the custom precision and quality his bikes are known for.

Whether you’re a small home workshop or large production, Olivetti Bike Co. is sure to offer some inspiration!

Custom Bike Maker Peter Olivetti

Olivetti Bike Co. Shop Tour

American Rotary phase converters are perfectly suited for precision metalworking equipment such as wire EDM’s, CNC lathes, CNC mills, and other voltage-sensitive applications. General Metal Fabrication equipment such as grinders, welders, shears, brakes, and benders are often run on American Rotary phase converters. Visit our metalworking applications page to learn more today.

Keith Rucker & Vintage Machinery with American Rotary Phase Converters

Many of you might know him from but you may know him even better as Keith Rucker – The agricultural scientist/machinist!

Come with us as we head down south to Georgia to meet with Keith and hang out at his shop as well as visit a few of his favorite places along the way.

He gives us the background on how and why he got started in machining, why he needed three-phase power, and why he chose American Rotary to make his shop what it is today.

To see more from our adventures with Keith, visit our YouTube channel. Enjoy!

My Shop and How I Got Started

My Shop Needed a Pro Solution

Why I Chose American Rotary

Keith Rucker – Vintage Train Restoration

Keith Rucker – Peanut Science and Education

To learn more about how you can get high-quality three-phase power at an affordable cost, grab our resource guide below.