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Drones For Farming: Precision Drone at the 2016 National Farm Machinery Show

This is the first video from our trip to The 2016 National Farm Machinery show. In this video, we talk with Adam from Precision Drone, who provide a turnkey software solution to help farmers optimize their production. Unlike many other solutions out there, customers own 100% of the data with the purchase of their drone.

This is really helpful technology that will be of incredible use from now going forward for those farmers looking to increase their yield each year. Take a look for yourself…

Whether it’s water damage, insects, feeding, or nitrogen deficiencies, by utilizing their system, farmers can easily upload the maps to their own management systems to begin to collect data that can help them locate and implement prevention plans where their field may not be producing as they should. As a result, farmers can optimize production better than they could in the past.

Reardon’s Woodworking Machinery with American Rotary Phase Converters

As part of our trip to Florida earlier this year, we stopped to meet with Kevin Reardon, owner of Reardon’s Woodworking Machinery. There Kevin and his family sell new and used woodworking equipment, as well as provide services such as repairs and installation.

They use a 25hp rotary phase converter to test their reconditioned used equipment before selling it, and also offer phase converters to their customers who may not have three phase power due to availability or cost.

Watch here as we take a tour of their shop and discuss the benefits of using a rotary phase converter over alternative options:

For more information about how American Rotary can assist you with your three phase power needs, visit our woodworking applications page.

Granite Countertops From Start to Finish with American Rotary Phase Converters

We recently dropped by 301 Granite & Marble in Sarasota, Florida where they design, manufacture, and install premium counter-top surfaces, cabinets, and flooring. In this video, we specifically took a look at their bridge saw they use for cutting granite counter-tops, and how they were meeting the output they need with an American Rotary phase converter.