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How to Create a Successful YouTube Channel (Part 2)

In our first YouTube Tips video, we gave you a first-hand take on the top 3 tips for creating a successful YouTube channel from many of your favorite machinists.

In this video, we go a little deeper and get their thoughts on how they got started, why they share video content, and how to create content people want to watch.

Whether you’re a machinist, metalworker, woodworker, or maker of any sort and have been thinking about how to share your knowledge with others, video is a great way to do it. It’s often faster than writing, it’s engaging, and you can create more of a personal connection with your audience. Most of all, it’s really cool to see a community of people come together who enjoy making things and sharing different tips and insights with each other.

Product Overview: The AI Industrial Digital Phase Converter

Designed specifically for the outdoor demand of agricultural applications and the hard environment of industrial conditions, the AI Industrial phase converter can save you thousands of dollars per year over utility and diesel generated power sources. Need more power? Need more precise power? Just turn on your American Rotary Smart Series Converter and let our technology do the work…

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2016 Tormach Open House

Not long ago, American Rotary visited another Wisconsin based business and their good friends at Tormach for their 2016 open house. The turn out was amazing as it was packed the entire time! The show featured seminars that were held all day long to help educate and inform machinists at all stages in their development.

In attendance was Autodesk, providing some great tutorials and training. YouTube machinist, John Saunders of NYCCNC, was also in attendance. As a friend and Sponsor of John’s channel it was great to visit with him as always. American Rotary can not wait to see what Tormach has in store for everyone next year and we sure hope to see you there!

2016 International Woodworking Fair

Back in August, we headed down to the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, Georgia. While there were plenty of machines to see, the most surprising thing we saw was the increased presence of CNC machines, not to mention the many great people we got to meet and connect with…

Here is our video recap of the event which took place Aug. 24th-27th! Enjoy!

From saws, air compressors, routers, and more, American Rotary supplies phase converters for every facet of the woodworking industry. Learn more about how American Rotary can help power three phase machinery in your shop.

Product Overview: The American Rotary MicroSmart Controller

The American Rotary MicroSmart controller is a state-of-the-art microprocessor that delivers the RIGHT power and the RIGHT time in both start-up and run. Available in the AD, ADX, and AI models, the MicroSmart controller monitors voltage every 50 milliseconds in order to provide better voltage control, giving you more precise power, and protection to the phase converter and your machines.

See for yourself how American Rotary utilizes leading-edge technology in our phase converters with our Patented MicroSmart Controller:

Need more power? Need more precise power? Just turn on your American Rotary Smart Series Converter and let our technology do the work.