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Industrial PAD Mount Phase Converter For Farm Irrigation

A while back Chris and Jacob from our team went out to a Customer’s Pickle Farm to oversee a 150hp AI PAD Mount Phase Converter system. The system was put in place to power the farm’s irrigation system just in time for spring.

This video is just a glimpse into how three phase power can offer unique benefits to the many systems of operating a farm. Additionally, the farm owner offers his first hand experience and explanation for using a phase converter over other alternatives.

From tower pivots to grain dryers, balers and much more, many farmers have relied on the quality and satisfaction they get from using an American Rotary phase converter over and over again.

For more information on how we can help you with your agricultural-related needs click here. And as always, we are also available 24/7 by phone at 1.888.743.6832.

Phase Converter w/ Center Pivot Irrigation

In an environment such as agriculture there is often no three-phase power or the cost to run it in can be quite expensive. So what do you do? You have equipment and machinery you need to run to operate your farm. American Rotary Phase Converters digitally controlled analog three-phase power is perfectly suited to run multiple motors that greatly vary in size and run at different times as in the case of a 7 tower center pivot and irrigation pump.

American Rotary phase converters are built for the demands of agricultural equipment and applications from grain dryers to pivot irrigation systems.  Often, farms are located in areas which do not have access to the 3-phase power grid.  Paying the power company to bring 3-phase power onsite is expensive, and often cost-prohibitive.  American Rotary phase converters provide reliable and cost-effective phase conversion for any agricultural setting.