General Information about phase converters:
  • Static Phase Converters
    these straightforward units will start a 3 phase load but run it only under single phase power. The load is limited to about 2/3 of its rated capacity.
  • Rotary Phase Converters
    these much more sophisticated units create true three phase power supply, often more precise than utility-supplied three phase power. 

Who can use a Rotary Phase Converter?

Rotary phase converters are most commonly used in commercial, industrial, and residential settings to power three phase equipment when utility 3-phase power is either too costly or not available. Rotary phase converters convert single-phase power into balanced three-phase power. Rotary phase converters are a very cost-effective way to power three-phase CNC equipment, and they come with simple and easy to use installation manuals. Rotary phase converters are rated using the maximum horsepower that they can handle. Due to the consistent voltage balance, the electric motor will operate at or near its full horsepower capacity. The output is custom balanced to meet the requirements of CNC equipment as well as other loads.

How much electricity does a phase converter use?

A rotary phase converter, by itself, is in an idle state and draws only the amount needed to keep it energized. This is only a few kilowatts and in some cases is less than a kilowatt. Your true electrical consumption is based on what the load draws. The rotary phase converter is merely a device electricity passes through on its way to your load.

Can I run a 480 volt piece of equipment on an American Rotary phase converter if my single phase voltage is 240?

Yes, however, a transformer is also needed. A rotary phase converter produces a three phase voltage identical to its input voltage. For example, if your input is 240 volts single phase, then your output is 240 volts three phase. The rotary converter does not change voltages. In this case, a step up 3 phase transformer (240 volt to 480 volt) is needed after the phase converter.

What type of maintenance is required for a rotary phase converter?

An America Rotary phase converter is very dependable and maintenance free. Bearing grease may occasionally be needed.

What size wire should I run to my phase converter?

The N.E.C. Article 455 governs the installation of rotary phase converters. Article 455.6 states that the input wire size shall not be less than 125% of the phase converter nameplate input full-load amperes(for variable loads) and/or not less than 250% of the sum of the full-load 3-phase current rating (for variable and fixed loads). Minimum wire size recommendations are listed in the installation manual.

How large of a single phase service do I need?

Your single phase service required is dependent on the loads connected after the phase converter. America Rotary phase converters will run on a range of input amperage. As a general rule, determine your 3 phase load amps and double for your single phase feeder amps.

What else do I need with a rotary phase converter?

Generally speaking, you will need wire, conduit, connectors and a single phase power source, such as a circuit breaker or disconnect switch. More materials may be needed depending on how elaborate your output connection is between the load and phase converter. American Rotary offers a full line of electrical components to make your installation easy, professional, and safe.

What does CNC mean? Can an America Rotary Phase Converter run a CNC machine?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. CNC equipment has a computer that can be programmed to run the operation of the machine. Computer operated machines are generally very voltage sensitive. The American Rotary Smart Series Rotary Phase Converter has +/-5% voltage balance to run these types of machines.

Will my machine lose power running on a rotary phase converter?

Absolutely not, provided the rotary phase converter is sized correctly. Our Micro-Smart controller generates a balanced three phase output allowing your equipment to furnish full rated power.

How efficient is an American Rotary phase converter?

America Rotary Phase Converters are extremely efficient. More than 98% of the total power utilization is transformed into working power for your load.

Phase Converter Simple Installation

In this video, we show the basic installation techniques of the American Rotary Phase Converter Panel. The idea is to show how easy it is to install, and also to provide a video reference for our customers. The video is just under 4 minutes long.


Ken OConnor, CEO / Ken OConnor Racing
— Industrial

I moved my shop and bought some inexpensive static phase converters for my equipment. Big mistake! One call to American Rotary and all of my problems were solved. The shop is 100% up and running thanks to you guys.

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