Sizing Chart

The following sizing method has been used by American Rotary Engineers to successfully size tens of thousands of phase converters. For additional sizing assistance call 1-888-928-3339.


Phase Converter Wizard


1 AR

AR General Purpose  - The AR Rotary Phase Converter provides utility grade power and is designed for light/medium duty general purpose loads.   Best for: Light to medium duty, general purpose loads.  ...

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2 AD

AD Digital Smart Series - The AD Rotary Phase Converter is specifically suited for CNC, VFD, rectified and any other voltage sensitive equipment.   Best for: Any load, especially resistive, recitified and computer loads such as CNC, VFD, EDM and battery chargers. ...

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ADX Extreme Duty Smart Series - The ADX Smart Series Rotary Phase Converter is designed for high inertia/friction loads. The ADX rotary phase converters have current control to provide consistent torque while starting high inertia, extremely hard starting loads, yet are precise enough...

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4 AI Industrial
AI Industrial

AI Industrial Grade Rotary Phase Converter - The AI Industrial was designed specifically for the demands of industrial and agricultural applications. Our AI Industrial digital phase converter is designed with a Type 3R enclosue for ultimate protection.    AI Indus...

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For models 75 and larger please call us at 1.888.743.6832