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Mobile Series Phase Converter

AMP Series
AMP Series
AMP Series

AMP, Mobile Series Phase Converter - This AMP unit is part of our Mobile Series phase converter line that is manufactured in the USA by American Rotary and will convert 1 to 3 phase power and provide 100% power for 208-250V equipment.

The AMP unit comes standard with one 3 phase breaker, one 3 phase receptacle, a 6 foot single phase input cord with plug and installed casters for a fully mobile phase converter. These built in features allow this unit to be little to no installation costs!

In addition, this unit comes built with our top of the line Smart Series features to run any and all load types making this unit fully versatile for your needs!


Tier 1: 1 Breaker and 1 Receptacle
Tier 2: 2 Breakers and 2 Receptacles
Tier 3: 3 Breakers and 3 Receptacles


Images shown as Tier 3. 

When you need 3 phase power quick and on the go or if you are looking to avoid those high installation costs the AMP is for you with its easy plug and play features. Features all the benefits of both our AD and ADX line.

Quick Sizing Guide

Phase Converter Model 5 10 20
Single motor start max. (HP) 2.5 5 10
Total Combined Loads* Call for Combined Load Sizing
CNC/VFD (HP) 2.5 5 10
Resistive/Oven (amps) 7.5 14 27
Rectified/Welder (amps) 7.5 14 27

*Combined loads vary with type and size of the equipment

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AMP Series
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