• Enclosed Contactors

    Our enclosed contactors can be used as a stand-alone contactor in between the phase converter and your load or can be used with our Auto-restart (restarts converter automatically if there is an interruption of power), timer (sets a delay on/off of the converter) and phase monitor systems (Monitors for loss of phase in the converter).

  • Test Product

  • 3 Phase 208V to 480v 60hz

  • 3 Phase 240V to 208V 60hz

  • 3 Phase 240V to 480V 60hz

  • AR

    AR General Purpose – The AR Rotary Phase Converter provides utility-grade power and is designed for light/medium duty general purpose loads.


    Best for: Light to medium duty, general-purpose loads.

    AR Phase Converter
  • AD

    AD Digital Smart Series – The AD Rotary Phase Converter is specifically suited for CNC, VFD, rectified and any other voltage sensitive equipment.


    Best for: Any load, especially resistive, rectified and computer loads such as CNC, VFD, EDM, and battery chargers.

    AD Wall Phase Converter
  • ADX

    ADX Extreme Duty Smart Series – The ADX Smart Series Rotary Phase Converter is designed for high inertia/friction loads. The ADX rotary phase converters have current control to provide consistent torque while starting high inertia, extremely hard starting loads, yet are precise enough for CNC applications.


    Best for: High Inertia/friction loads such as pumps, fans, compressors, blowers, dust collectors and fly wheels.

  • AUL

    AUL UL Listed Series – UL licensed units may be required by your state or local inspector. If you require a UL licensed unit our AUL model is the right model for you delivering all the power and features of our ADX and AI units.

  • AI

    AI Industrial Grade Rotary Phase Converter – The AI Industrial was designed specifically for the demands of industrial and agricultural applications. Our AI Industrial digital phase converter is designed with a Type 3R enclosure for ultimate protection.


    AI Industrial can save you thousands of dollars a year over utility and diesel generated power sources.


    Lead times may exist. Please call us for further details.

    AI Phase Converter
  • AMP

    AMP Mobile – The AMP Mobile rotary phase converter is plug-and-play ready for a quick and cost-effective installation. Equipped to run 208-250V equipment in three tiers:


    Tier 1: 1 Breaker and 1 Receptacle
    Tier 2: 2 Breakers and 2 Receptacles
    Tier 3: 3 Breakers and 3 Receptacles


    These built-in features allow this unit to be little to no installation costs! In addition, this unit comes built with our top of the line Smart Series features to run any and all load types making this unit fully versatile for your needs!

  • American Rotary Phase Monitor

    The American Rotary three-phase monitor was designed by American Rotary engineers to give you the best three-phase power monitoring protection in the industry. By monitoring all three phases, you will be able to protect your equipment in case of a phase loss.

    Phase Monitor
  • Autolink

    The Autolink Panel gives you the opportunity to join two or more phase converters with in one size of equal sized phase converters together to allow for expansion and adding more capacity to your new or exciting phase converters.  With this option it allows you to run any size application out there.

  • Connector Body Plugs

    Connector Body Plugs

    Connector Body Plugs
  • Connector Body Receptacle

    Connector Body Receptacle

    Connector Body Receptical
  • Disconnect Switches

    General Duty Non Fused 3 Phase Safety Disconnect Switch, 240V.

    Disconnect Switches
  • DIY Panels

    Phase Converter Panel – This DIY Rotary Phase Converter Panel is manufactured in the USA by American Rotary and can be paired with your stock motor. (Motor not included, this is the converter panel only)


    A detailed installation manual and quick start guide are included.

    Panel Phase Converter
  • Idler Grease

    Idler Grease

    Idler Grease
  • Load Center

    Main Lug 3 Phase 240V Load Center. Fixed Main. Precision distribution and circuit isolation for multiple load applications.

    Load Center
  • Load Center Breaker

    Plug-On Circuit Breaker, Common Trip, Thermal Magnetic, 3 Pole 240V. For use with Load Center.

    Load Center Breaker
  • Panel Mount Breakers

    Panel Mount Circuit Breaker, Common Trip, Thermal Magnetic, 3 Pole, 240V. Mounts directly into Rotary Phase Converter Control Panel (AR, AD, ADX, AI) for protection on the 3-Phase side.

    Panel Mount Breakers
  • Panel Mount Receptacle

    This accessory is used if you want the capabilities of easily plugging your equipment in versus hardwiring into the converter. Comes pre-installed into laser knockout located on the bottom of the converter panel or can be self-installed.

    Panel Mount Receptical
  • Phase Converter Accessories

  • Rubber Isolation Mounting Feet

    Rubber Isolation Mounts / Feet fit our 3 HP through 10 HP American Rotary Phase Converters.  Mounts for our larger converters are available.

    These rubber feet are made of the best isotropic vibration damping material available.  They are chemical and heat resistant. The set of 4 come with the proper bolts and washers to fit with our custom generators.

    Rubber Isolation Mounting Feet
  • Phase Monitor with Timer

    Automation control allows you to set your phase converter on a timer. Ideal for applications that need to power on a set schedule or on-demand. Included with the timer kit is American Rotary’s custom three-phase monitoring system which keeps your equipment from starting if all three phases are not detected giving you the ultimate three-phase power protection for your equipment. This accessory is usually seen on equipment such as elevators, washers, etc.

    Timer Kit
  • Wired Remote Starter

    Our wired remote system allows you to control your phase converter with the flick of a switch! This will also allow you to have multiple on/off switches in different areas of your shop.

    Wired Remote Starter