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Our customers mean everything to us. So, we’re thrilled when we hear positive feedback from you! Your testimonials are the kind of selfless goodwill that feels like a pat on the back and makes all the hard work worthwhile.

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  • Metalworking

    Ryan Hedrick /

    Absolutely amazing products and customer support. I have two ADX series phase converters and both work great for the metalworking equipment I am running. I recently purchase a wire remote switch from American Rotary and was having some difficulty getting in to work correctly. So I decided to give American Rotary a call to get some assistance, I talked with Jacob in the sales department at the Wisconsin location and he went over everything step by step with me to confirm all of the wires were in the correct location. He also gave me some pointers of different things that could be affecting the switch. After I went though everything we have discussed, everything worked just like describe in the description on American Rotary's website. If you are in the market to get a phase converter for your home or business I would highly recommend getting an American Rotary phase converter, not only for the high quality products they produce but the amazing customer support you will receive as well.

  • Metalworking

    Harold Rowlett /

    Got the American Rotary AR7-UL 7.5 HP phase converter installed and it’s working like a charm. It was so easy to install and to wire. I have another American Rotary 3 HP converter that I purchased over 5 years ago and the improvements you have made to the new units have really simplified the installation and wiring of the units. I have used the 3 HP unit without the first problem and fully expect the new one to perform just as well. These are top notch units and I would recommend them to anyone. They both are being used on metalworking and woodworking machines and are running flawlessly. I have attached a couple of pictures to show how I installed the unit. As you can see in the pic we wall mounted the control box and we put the generator on the other side of the wall in an insulated compressor room. The only problem we had was not being able to hear the generator run which caused us to leave it running overnight a time or two. So I wired in a remote red light and mounted on wall above the control panel (you can see it “on” in the pic) so when we closed the shop we would see the red light on and remember to turn the unit off. I want to thank you and the staff for being so pleasant to deal with and also the phone calls to follow up before and after the purchase to see if everything was working as it should. Not too many companies have that kind of service anymore. Rest assured if in the future I need more equipment it will be American Rotary.

  • Metalworking

    Kevin Taverner /

    Thanks for the follow up. I had the converter installed a couple of days after I received it. The install went very well. The electrician had never used your products before and was very impressed. I also was very impressed with the entire experience, just to take a minute to explain my view point. I run a very large Tool and Die manufacturing company here in Detroit, this purchase was for my personal shop, I primarily restore Vintage motorcycles and minibikes. So the short of it is I deal with a lot of companies large and small for both of my businesses and dealing with you guys was a pleasurable experience. You guys really have a great team from everything I can see, as you may notice I love to analyze business and American Rotary is a very good one.

  • Metalworking

    Allen Hase /

    The American Rotary Phase Convertor was recommended by a friend. After I purchased it unit online, I received a call from American Rotary checking that I had order the correct size for my equipment. Thanks! The installation was simple and straight forward. The idler motor sets on the floor on the other side on the shop under my lathe. The mill runs smoothly with no noticeable power loss.

  • Metalworking

    Ben Gregory / Rolling Chassis Co, LLC

    Got the converter on Thursday..super fast shipping to say the least! Thank you for getting it to me so quickly, already have it mounted and getting things wired up today.. Again thank you for the excellent service and tech support.

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