American Rotary phase converters are perfectly suited for precision metalworking equipment such as wire EDM’s, CNC lathes, CNC mills, and other voltage-sensitive applications. General Metal Fabrication equipment such as grinders, welders, shears, brakes,and benders, are often run on American Rotary phase converters. When converting from single phase to three phase power,American Rotary phase converters produce balanced 3-phase output to accommodate both very small, lightly loaded machines and very large or heavily loaded machines...all with just one phase converter.

  • Welder
  • Press/Shear with Flywheel
  • Press/Shear with Hydraulic Pump
  • Plasma Cutter
  • Ironworker
  • Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM)

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Three phase voltage for non-motor electrical loads

Many metalworking applications require three phase voltage for proper operation, even though there are no three-phase motors to power. Typically you associate a rotary phase converters for running just 3-phase motors, but a properly sized phase converter will work effectively with a “resistive” 3-phase type load. Examples are welders, plasma cutters, and EDM’s . This type of equipment is voltage sensitive. You must have the full load amps balanced in each phase, and the way that is accomplished is maintaining balanced phase-to-phase voltage. American Rotary’s precision balanced digital rotary phase converters provide you this balanced voltage. Unbalanced voltages seen with non-digital rotary phase converters can be hard on your equipment. This can cause the equipment to run hotter and provide poor performance. American Rotary’s properly sized digital rotary phase converter can be used to operate this type of metal working equipment. You will want to verify the rotary phase converter you are selecting is rated for specific kilowatts (kW) or full load amps that your equipment or machine requires.

American Rotary with DoRite Fabrication

In this video Jim Bollinger of DoRite Fabrication sits down with American Rotary to tell his story.


Ben Gregory, Owner / Rolling Chassis Co, LLC

Got the converter on Thursday..super fast shipping to say the least! Thank you for getting it to me so quickly, already have it mounted and getting things wired up today.. Again thank you for the excellent service and tech support. 

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