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Hot Shot Controller Options

What is the difference between the Novus Controller and TAP Controller?

All of Hot Shot Oven & Kilns are built with either the Novus 480D or Tap Controller. The upgraded Tap Controller is available on the Hot Shot 360 or 1200. It will also come standard on the Hot Shot 360 Pro or Hot Shot 1200 Pro. Continue reading to see the difference between the two controllers and which one best fits your needs!

Novus 480D – The N480D series of PID (proportional–integral–derivative controller) temperature controllers have been designed for non-experienced novice users for combining extreme simplicity in operation with quality performance found in expensive high-end controllers. The Novus 480D requires the download of the free Novus Quicktune software to be able to program the controller more easily and will need to be plugged into your PC to download programs. The controller can also be programmed by using the onboard buttons and a series of key presses. The Novus 480D controller is limited to only storing one program at a time and must be overwritten for each new program.  

TAP Pro – The TAP Pro controller is a state-of-the-art, programmable, full color touch screen controller. The TAP Pro can store an unlimited number of programs and can be easily programmed on screen or by using the free mobile app. All Hot Shot Pro ovens come standard with the Tap controller as well as built in Wi-fi for the ultimate user experience. The TAP mobile App allows the user to easily create and monitor programs in real time and allows the user the ability to set notifications, view firing logs with by-the-minute data points and receive push notifications about the operation schedules. The TAP controller also allows you to see maintenance schedules and offset a program that is currently running!

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