Hot Shot 1200

Hot Shot 1200



Upgrade your 1200 with the Pro Package! Includes: SDS Tap Controller, WIFI Dongle, and extended 6ft Cord
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Hot Shot 1200 Features & Benefits Gallery

The Hot Shot 1200 is a single chamber, 240V multi-purpose oven that is perfect for your Heat Treating Needs. This size oven allows you to do multiple parts at once or one larger item. Take the guess work out of planning around outsourced Heat Treating and do it in house. Built in Wisconsin, with the highest quality components, and engineered by makers for makers. Hot Shot is excited to offer an oven that not only is cool to the touch, but also offers an industry leading mechanical design.

Advanced Electrical Capabilities


The Hot Shot 1200 comes standard with a programmable ramp and soak controller that is preprogrammed and ready to use. The controller can be reprogrammed, with up to nine segments, either manually or with the easy-to-use Quick Tune Software. This unit features an easy-to-read slant top control panel.

Each oven comes equipped with a Solid-State Relay which is robust and provides a completely quiet operation. This Solid-State Relay has no moving parts like a standard mechanical relay allowing the unit to have precise temperature control and operation.