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Phase Converter Maintenance

As the seasons are changing and temperatures are getting colder, we start to think of the various maintenance needed around the home such as changing the furnace filters, changing smoke detector batteries, making sure we have a good battery in our vehicle, etc. So, this is also a good time to do a check-up and […]

Keith Rucker & Vintage Machinery with American Rotary Phase Converters

Many of you might know him from but you may know him even better as Keith Rucker – The agricultural scientist/machinist! Come with us as we head down south to Georgia to meet with Keith and hang out at his shop as well as visit a few of his favorite places along the way. […]

Farm Technology at the WPS Farm Show

In this video, we take you to the Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) Farm Show on the EAA grounds in Oshkosh, WI. Here we talk with a handful of companies regarding farm technology and how data is being used to yield better returns by minimizing expenses and maximizing efficiency. American Rotary phase converters are built for […]

Young Farmers at the 2016 National Farm Machinery Show

While down at the 2016 National Farm Machinery Show, it was clear that farming and agriculture is becoming more of a technology-based industry. In this video we speak with some future farmers of America to see what drew them to the show, as well as talk with some seasoned industry veterans to see what bits […]

Chief Industries at NFMS 2016 with American Rotary Phase Converters

In this video, we speak with Chief Industries at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky. Chief Industries is a 3rd generation, family owned business who prides itself on providing the best product possible for farmers to maximize their profit when it comes to grain storage and handling from harvest to end use. American […]

Drones For Farming: Precision Drone at the 2016 National Farm Machinery Show

This is the first video from our trip to The 2016 National Farm Machinery show. In this video, we talk with Adam from Precision Drone, who provide a turnkey software solution to help farmers optimize their production. Unlike many other solutions out there, customers own 100% of the data with the purchase of their drone. This […]

Industrial PAD Mount Phase Converter For Farm Irrigation

A while back Chris and Jacob from our team went out to a Customer’s Pickle Farm to oversee a 150hp AI PAD Mount Phase Converter system. The system was put in place to power the farm’s irrigation system just in time for spring. This video is just a glimpse into how three phase power can […]

Low Cost 3 Phase Power

Low-Cost 3-Phase Power by Farm Show Magazine Gentec American Rotary’s phase converters supply 3-phase power without 3-phase service or cost. Motors wired for 3-phase power, run smoother, draw less power and last longer than single-phase motors, but retrofitting 3-phase service is costly. “A primary benefit of our converters is that we use VIT generators instead […]

Phase Converter w/ Center Pivot Irrigation

In an environment such as agriculture there is often no three-phase power or the cost to run it in can be quite expensive. So what do you do? You have equipment and machinery you need to run to operate your farm. American Rotary Phase Converters digitally controlled analog three-phase power is perfectly suited to run […]