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Low Cost 3 Phase Power

Low-Cost 3-Phase Power

by Farm Show Magazine

Gentec American Rotary’s phase converters supply 3-phase power without 3-phase service or cost. Motors wired for 3-phase power, run smoother, draw less power and last longer than single-phase motors, but retrofitting 3-phase service is costly.

“A primary benefit of our converters is that we use VIT generators instead of a 3-phase motor,” says Chris Feavel, Gentec American Rotary. “We provide a true soft-start application and require only a third the starting power of others. We also use a patented microsmart controller that provides precise control and monitors voltage every 50 milliseconds. It offers fail-safe features unavailable with other converters. They prolong the life of the phase converter and the equipment it powers.”

Rotary phase converters can be an economical alternative, whether for a single irrigation pump or one or more 3-phase motors in a shop.

“Our phase converters are often packaged with 3-phase equipment by the manufacturer or as part of an OEM application,” says Feavel. “Irrigation equipment companies may build in a phase converter so the equipment can be used with either single or 3-phase power. We also have customers who simply got great deals on 3-phase equipment.”

Gentec American Rotary offers a wide variety of phase converters from the EZ line for home hobbyists and small businesses to the newly introduced AI industrial line. EZ converters range from $297 for a 1-hp unit to $379 for a 5-hp unit.

“Our new AI industrial line is rain, dust and snow proof,” says Feavel. “It operates in temperatures from minus 50 degrees to 120 degrees. It has dust filters, a sun shield, rodent screens, and comes with automated and wireless control options.”


Sizes in the AI line range from 3 hp to 300 hp and start at $879. In all lines, final price depends on upgrades and accessories, such as wireless remote start, internal breakers and delay on/delay off timers.

Gentec American Rotary sells only American-made equipment and offers an extensive warranty and 24/7 customer support and sales.
Phone: 262 402-6400
Toll free: 888 743-6832

Source: Farm Show – 2015 – Volume #39, Issue #2, Page #20