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Phase Converter Maintenance

As the seasons are changing and temperatures are getting colder, we start to think of the various maintenance needed around the home such as changing the furnace filters, changing smoke detector batteries, making sure we have a good battery in our vehicle, etc. So, this is also a good time to do a check-up and perform general maintenance on your phase converter!

American Rotary Phase Converters require general maintenance anywhere from monthly to annually, depending on the model, usage and age of your converter. In all phase converter models, we recommend a quick and easy inspection and “tune up” and as always American Rotary is here to offer guidance in doing so.

Continue reading for our top five recommendations to help keep your converter running smoothly and to increase its longevity.

  1. Ensuring there is no dust build up on the idler.
  2. Inspect Internal wiring and connections annually for any loose connections and to make sure they are all still properly insulated.
  3. All start and run capacitors should also be tested with a capacitor meter to ensure they are all still within their ratings. These meters will soon be available to purchase through American Rotary.
  4. For units larger than 20hp, we recommend greasing the idler’s bearings about every 3-6 months (depending on use) with Exxon Poly-Rex EM lubricant or equivalent polyurea lubricant. (Please note – when greasing, only a pump or two of grease per fitting is sufficient).  
  5. Our AI models also feature an air filter to prevent contamination from circulating through the converter’s air ducts. Depending on the environment, filters should be checked, cleaned and/or replaced every 30-90 days. Replacement filters are also available for purchase at American Rotary.

Have Questions on Maintenance of American Rotary Products?

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