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Hot Shot 360 Features & Benefits

[Hot Shot 360 Features & Benefits]

Product Description

Hot Shot 360 is a 120V heat treating oven and/or kiln that can be used for many different makers. Built with the highest quality products, we are excited to offer an oven that not only is cool to the touch, but has an industry leading mechanical design. The Hot Shot 360 is made for:

  • Heat Treating Materials: metal parts, knives, cylinder heads, welded joints, glass, jewelry, etc
  • Ceramics: Curing, glazing, firing
  • Porcelain and China Painting
  • Melting: melt metals for casting parts, glass for art projects
  • Hardening, Tempering, Annealing and Normalizing materials

Industry Leading Mechanical Design

Hot Shot Oven & Kilns are equipped with Cool-Touch Technology that provide a safe external temperature to allow for safer operation and protection of its surroundings.

It is built with a high-quality 304 stainless-steel core construction with a fan cooled external powder coated enclosure. It features a dual layer air plenum for external heat management and precise temperature control.

Advanced Electrical Capabilities

The Hot Shot 360 comes standard with a programmable ramp and soak controller that is preprogrammed and ready to use. The controller can be reprogrammed, with up to nine segments, either manually or with the easy-to-use Quick Tune Software. This software can be downloaded here. This unit features an easy-to-read slant top control panel.

Each oven comes equipped with a Solid-State Relay which is robust and provides a completely quiet operation. This Solid-State Relay has no moving parts like a standard mechanical relay allowing the unit to have precise temperature control and operation.

Cutting Edge Performance

High-efficiency technology allows you to reach the maximum temperature of 2000 degree F/1093 Degrees C with use of the on-screen controller. This unit is equipped with a kiln type “K” thermocouple and 16AWG Kanthal A-1 heating element.

Each piece of insulation is routered to fit perfectly together. This allows for the oven to maintain the temperature perfectly and not fluctuate due to gaps or poor fit. Each piece is routered to fit the heating element perfectly, so it has a snug fit.

Each oven comes with a removable high density kiln floor. This is ideal to assist with project setup or if it needs to be replaced.

Side Opening Door with Cool Touch Handle

When using a heat-treating oven, it entails removing very hot material from the core to go to its next phase of the process. We designed this oven to have a side opening door that can open far enough to not be in the way.

The handle is designed for a one-handed operation for easy and quick removal of the material. Safety is our key concern and with the cool touch handle made from high-quality stainless steel and a door that opens completely out of the way, it keeps the customer safe.

Programmable Alarm

Each unit comes standard with an integrated alarm that can be set to alert the user when a desired point or temperature is reached in the program.

We also have integrated a safety door switch that will de-energize the heating element when the door is open.