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Customer Profile: Next Gen Classics

Not long ago, we headed to Clear Lake, Wisconsin to visit American Rotary customer, Jamie Lien of Next Gen Classics where he restores classic cars. 

Originally, Jamie started a pull truck team with Next Gen industries owner Matt Anderson and it eventually led to a new business venture in restoring cars, now in its 7th year. As a true craftsman, he does every facet of the restoration business (body, paint, welding, electrical, machining custom parts, upholstery) as a one-man team.

Growing up in a body shop with his dad he eventually moved onto learning machining as well. His whole family is into cars/motors and also competes in truck pulling. They’re hoping to build the shop into a high-end full restoration business.

They had just moved into the building you see in the videos here and were still getting set up while we were there. However, they did have their American Rotary phase converter hooked up to their lathe and mill as you will see. Enjoy!

Next Gen Classics Customer Profile:

Next Gen’s American Rotary phase converter setup:

Things to Consider When Planning a Car Restoration: