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5 Tips for Machining Aluminum to Maximize Efficiency

Aluminum is a soft and ductile metal used in a wide range of applications. Should be easier to machine than harder materials, right? Not so fast, my machinist friend. Because of aluminum’s high thermal conductivity and low melt point, you need to manage several tricky issues when machining this popular material to avoid tool damage […]

Lathe Vs. Milling Machine: The Differences and Use Cases

A lathe and a milling machine are the two most important workhorses of any complete machine shop. With either one, you can perform many of your fundamental machining techniques. Each is great at cutting away metal. But there’s an essential difference between these machines. And that difference means that each one is best suited to […]

Starting a Machine Shop? Here are 5 Tips to Help You Succeed

Do you love making things with metal? Do you thrive amid the sights, sounds, and smells of a modern-day machine shop? Maybe it’s time to transform your passion into a business. Assuming you have some solid experience in machining, setting up your own machine shop can be a great adventure. It’s a chance to showcase […]

10 Easy CNC Milling Projects for Beginners

Precise. Powerful. Versatile. A CNC mill is one of the most exciting pieces of equipment you can work with. Sure, it’s not a cheap machine, and learning to use CNC (computer numerical control) takes time. But if you have access to a CNC mill and a willingness to fail forward, you can make lots of […]

7 Tips on How to Get Into Woodworking as a Hobby or a Career

Few activities connect us with our ancient ancestors as well as working with wood. The craft of woodworking has been around for thousands of years. And while the tools have gotten a lot more sophisticated, the basic sights, sounds, and smells are the same. To those in the know, creating objects with wood just feels […]

10 Awesome Intermediate Woodworking Projects

We’ve talked about ideal beginner woodworking projects. We’ve given you some ideas for advanced woodworkers, too. Now it’s time to meet in the middle with some wood project suggestions at a medium level of difficulty. Grab your tools and some wood, put them on your workbench, and get ready to make some cool stuff while […]

Essential Tools for the Beginning Machinist

One of the best things about getting into machining as a beginner is all the new tools and resources you get to tinker with. In addition to your lathes, milling machines, and other machining equipment, many different tools will help you advance your skills in common machining techniques. But let’s not get too carried away […]

The Most Common Machining Techniques or Operations

Ever look at a metal part and wonder how that thing got made? Whether it’s a practical part like a gear or crankshaft, or an aesthetic piece of metal art, you can bet it was made with the help of machining. Maybe you’re familiar with the basic techniques from our intro to machining. But the […]

10 Cool Metal Lathe Projects to Hone Your Skills

A metal lathe is one seriously versatile machine, and turning is considered one of the 3 core machining operations. The lathe spins your workpiece at high speed, and you can bring a wide variety of tools against the material to cut and shape metal in lots of different ways, including facing, threading, boring and creating […]

What is Machining? An Intro for New Machinists

Machining is the precise process of removing metal or other materials to make a wide variety of useful tools and parts. Machinists in machine shops use mills, lathes, and other equipment to cut away and shape workpieces to precise specifications. Read on to explore the basics of this key manufacturing discipline. Think of an object […]

The American Rotary & Pine Hill Farm Holiday Fundraiser

The season of gratitude and giving is upon us. All of us at American Rotary are reminded of how much we have to be thankful for. . . Our families, our team and all of you, our valued customers.  As we reflect on the season, we also want to give back. In that spirit, we […]

Rotary Phase Converter Vs. VFD: Which Do You Need?

What’s the best way to power three-phase equipment in your workshop? VFDs and rotary phase converters are two key options, each with its own strengths and limitations.  VFDs are an efficient way to power individual machines, while rotary phase converters are ideal for powering multiple pieces of equipment. The right answer for you depends on […]

April 2022 Women’s Feature

Everyone might know this star from MythBusters but, today we are going to share her story on what she did to get to where she is today. Everyone say hello to Tamara Robertson! Her story started in her family’s garage being Daddy’s little helper. He could tell she had a knack for things that were […]

March 2022 Women’s Feature

Theresa Contreras is a skilled designer and custom automotive painter based out of Johnson Valley, California. With creative skills spanning from graphic design, custom paint, automotive design and marketing, to name a few, Theresa has made her mark in both the creative and automotive industries. Theresa got her start in her family business, LGE-CTS Motorsports, […]

February 2022 Women’s Feature

Meet Ashley Yates of Yates Precision Manufacturing. Ashley has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with a concentration in Finance. Founded in June of 2017 and owned and operated by Ashley and her husband, Jake, Yates Precision began as a contract manufacturing shop, manufacturing safety razors for themselves, friends and family members. After their customer […]

January 2022 Women’s Feature

This year American Rotary wants to shine light on women that have been working hard to be where they are in male dominated industries. This month we are featuring Barbie the Welder! Getting her start in the welding industry in 2007, Barbie the Welder’s interest was sparked in welding after seeing an angel wing sculpture […]

Phase Converter Maintenance

As the seasons are changing and temperatures are getting colder, we start to think of the various maintenance needed around the home such as changing the furnace filters, changing smoke detector batteries, making sure we have a good battery in our vehicle, etc. So, this is also a good time to do a check-up and […]

Three Phase Precision

Yates Precision Manufacturing is owned and operated by Jake and Ashley Yates in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Founded in June of 2017, Yates Precision began as a contract manufacturing shop and actually began making safety razors by accident! After receiving one as a gift from his dad, safety razors soon piqued Jake’s interest and he began wondering […]

Maximizing Real Estate Opportunities Through Three Phase Power

American Rotary Industrial Phase Converters Facilitate Commercial RealEstate to Create an Easier to Lease and More Profitable Property Located in Buffalo New York, Amy is a real estate agent who specializes in renting out commercial properties. Mainly focusing on properties used for varying businesses, her clients have a wide range of needs – many times […]

CNC mill head cutting a workpiece with Guide to Choosing a Rotary Phase Converter for CNC Machining as a caption

Guide to Choosing a Rotary Phase Converter for CNC Machining

CNC machining is great for a lot of different applications. But you need a stable and consistent power supply, or you risk damaging this valuable equipment. Is a rotary phase converter a good option for powering CNC machines? Yes, but you’ll need to keep some key considerations in mind. First off, why would you need […]

How to Choose a Three Phase Converter for Welders and Metalworking

A three phase converter is a great way to provide reliable, efficient power to a wide range of welders and metalworking equipment. Choosing the right converter for your needs involves considering the load requirements of your equipment, your existing electricity service, and other key factors. Metalworking equipment can be as varied as the types of […]

Static vs. Rotary Phase Converters

Static and rotary phase converters both turn standard single-phase electricity into three-phase power for heavy-duty equipment. The difference is that a static phase converter will start a three-phase load, but run it under lower power, while a rotary phase converter creates continuous, well-balanced three-phase power. Why would you need to convert single-phase to three-phase power? […]

How Does a Phase Converter Work?

A phase converter uses a motor to convert single-phase electricity—the typical utility electric power service—into the three-phase power required by many different types of heavy-duty industrial equipment. It’s a great tool where three-phase power is either unavailable or too costly to install. If you have a shop that uses powerful machinery—for woodworking, metalworking, CNC machining, […]

5 Machining Tips For Beginners

A while back, some of the American Rotary team headed back to Indiana to visit Dusty Hicks at his machine shop, where we first met with him a couple of months earlier to get to know him and his work. Dusty is a hobbyist and machinist who enjoys building (and shooting) cannons and working on […]