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18 Types of Woodworking Joints and When To Use Them

How many different ways can you put two pieces of wood together? Turns out, quite a few! Wood joinery is a lot more complex than driving a few nails or screws through two pieces. Sometimes the variations among wood joints are significant. Sometimes more subtle. But each has its own strengths, weaknesses, and best applications.  […]

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Best Wood Lathe for Beginners: Tips to Buy and Our Picks

For the beginning woodworker, few tools are as essential and versatile as a good wood lathe. But there are thousands of options out there. How is someone relatively new to the trade supposed to figure out what to invest in? We’re here to help you make the right turn from the start. Read on for […]

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CNC Wood Router: 5 Common Problems and Tips to Solve Them

You can get a lot done quickly while working with wood in a CNC router. But that’s not to say it’s always easy. CNC machines are fast, but you’ll often encounter the same issues you would if you were using a manual machine.  Different types of wood have a wide range of variability and unique […]

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13 Beginner Wood Lathe Projects That Can Make You Money

Have you tried some of the fun wood lathe projects we’ve highlighted before? If so, we hope you found them mentally rewarding. And maybe you wondered: Can woodturning be financially rewarding, too? Well, you’re in luck! Read on for 13 beginner wood lathe projects that can make you money … 1. Wooden Bangle Few accessories […]

7 Tips on How to Get Into Woodworking as a Hobby or a Career

Few activities connect us with our ancient ancestors as well as working with wood. The craft of woodworking has been around for thousands of years. And while the tools have gotten a lot more sophisticated, the basic sights, sounds, and smells are the same. To those in the know, creating objects with wood just feels […]

10 Awesome Intermediate Woodworking Projects

We’ve talked about ideal beginner woodworking projects. We’ve given you some ideas for advanced woodworkers, too. Now it’s time to meet in the middle with some wood project suggestions at a medium level of difficulty. Grab your tools and some wood, put them on your workbench, and get ready to make some cool stuff while […]

15 Fun Wood Lathe Projects You’ll Have a Blast With

Woodturning with a lathe is a woodworking process that’s as unique as it is satisfying. When your wood lathe spins a workpiece at high speed, there’s just something so gratifying and mesmerizing about steadily and evenly shaping wood. So, what can you make with a wood lathe? A wide variety of beautiful—and often practical—pieces. And […]

10 Woodworking Projects for the Advanced Woodworker

How’s your woodworking hobby coming along? If you’re a DIY carpenter who now has some experience under your toolbelt, it may be time to ramp up the challenge. Think bigger. Think more complex. Stop thinking about bird houses. And to add to the fun, maybe some more powerful woodworking tools, too! Once you get the […]

10 Simple Woodworking Projects to Make you Love Carpentry

Woodworking is a wonderful hobby for anyone who loves working with their hands. Nothing beats the satisfaction of admiring and using a piece you’ve created. And getting started isn’t as hard as you might think. In this article, we’ll discuss 10 simple woodworking projects that are ideal for beginners.  What follows are some starter ideas. […]

The 13 Best Woodworking Tools You Definitely Want to Buy

Ready to get into woodworking and take on some more challenging projects? You may want to level up your tools, too. But there are hundreds of equipment possibilities. So we decided to curate a quick rundown of the 13 best tools for your woodworking shop: Every one of these cool tools presents a new opportunity […]

9 Most Essential Woodworking Tools For Beginners

Does the smell of sawdust inspire you? Maybe it’s time you try to tackle some DIY woodworking projects. What are the most important tools you should have in your shop if you’re a beginning woodworker? Read on for a quick rundown. Woodworking is one of the world’s most satisfying hobbies. It’s practical and versatile, too. […]

Man checking trueness of board with caption "How to Mill Your Own Lumber: A Step-By-Step Guide"

How to Mill Your Own Lumber: A Step-By-Step Guide

Milling your own lumber is a labor of love. But for a craftsman, a DIY sawmill setup can be a great way to get unique wood material and reduce the total cost along the way. What are your key options, tools, and considerations? Get started with this step-by-step guide. Let’s say you need some wood […]

Mountain Heart Woodworks with American Rotary Phase Converters

In the first of our three stops in Colorado earlier this year, we visited with Mountain Heart Woodworks. You name it and this family-owned business does it – from running a full operational sawmill, millwork, shiplap, tongue and groove, custom tabletops, finished mantles, and even supplying a large amount of lumber to the surrounding area. […]

7 Power Tools Every Woodworking Shop Should Have

We recently took a random survey of our woodworking customers and asked them what were the top five woodworking pieces of equipment that they suggested every woodworking shop should never go without. We got a lot of feedback and we wanted to go through and inform you of the top results. In fact, we got […]

Woodworking Tips For Beginners

Over the past few months, we provided you with the top power tools for woodworking and hand tools for woodworking. Now that you know the top tools to have on hand it’s a good time to go over the top tips to follow as a woodworker who is just getting started on a new hobby […]

Top 5 Hand Tools Every Woodworking Shop Should Have

A few weeks back we took a survey about the Top Seven Power Tools that Every Woodworking Shop Should Have.  Not only did we get a lot of feedback from that survey, but also a lot of good recommendations of hand tools that a lot of the woodworkers could not get by without.  These recommendations […]

East Side Cabinets with American Rotary Phase Converters

In this video, Dave & Dave visit East Side Cabinets, a maker of European-style cabinets located in Madison, Wisconsin. Bryan gives us a tour of his shop and shows how multiple phase converters from American Rotary power all of his equipment including his edge-bander, air-compressor, and his CNC router, which are all three-phase. As East […]

2016 International Woodworking Fair

Back in August, we headed down to the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, Georgia. While there were plenty of machines to see, the most surprising thing we saw was the increased presence of CNC machines, not to mention the many great people we got to meet and connect with… Here is our video recap of […]

Reardon’s Woodworking Machinery with American Rotary Phase Converters

As part of our trip to Florida earlier this year, we stopped to meet with Kevin Reardon, owner of Reardon’s Woodworking Machinery. There Kevin and his family sell new and used woodworking equipment, as well as provide services such as repairs and installation. They use a 25hp rotary phase converter to test their reconditioned used […]

Jeff Kress of Clamp-it-Once with American Rotary Phase Converters

Dave & Dave visit East Side Cabinets, a maker of european style cabinets. Bryan gives us a tour of his shop and shows how multiple phase converters from American Rotary power all of his equipment from his edge-bander, air-compressor, to his CNC router, all three-phase. As East Side expands, American Rotary has continued to provide […]

Furniture Sculptor Henry Royer with American Rotary Phase Converters

Dave & Dave visit famous furniture sculptor Henry Royer. Henry runs his entire shop on an American Rotary phase converter. He details some of his past experiences with other rotary-type phase converters, and gives us a tour of some of the equipment that helps him and his daughter to do their incredible art. It was […]