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Customer Spotlight: Parks Repair and Restoration

At a young age, Brian learned how to work on things. His Dad ran a bulldozer and his mom stayed home to raise the kids, cook dinner and so on. They were allotted one pair of shoes, two pairs of jeans, and a couple of new shirts at the beginning of the school year.

In High School, Brian earned money by bucking hay, being a lifeguard at a local pool, and worked for farmers. He could not wait to graduate high school and get a real job. He started working at John Deere for $6.00/ hour.

Through his hard work ethic, he got noticed and was asked to come work for a local auto shop for $5.00/hr, but it was a heated shop this time. This gave him more experience working on cars.

During his own time, he would keep his eyes open for old pickup trucks and threw a cam and carb on them. He would then sell the truck hoping to make a few dollars on it. After working for the auto shop for a while, he started to work for a truck company where he worked as the Operations Manager in the service department.

Now earning a little bit more money, he was able to restore a 1969 Chevy pickup. Learning has he went, he did a body and paint restoration on the truck as well as an engine rebuild. A week after the truck was done, he sold it for a $1,000 profit.

After moving onto another truck company and building a new house with a shop, he started buying a few cars and trucks to tinkering with, then sold them for a profit. Brian also started getting trucks to work on from the truck company that he worked for.

After a few years of this, he was swamped! He was working full-time, taking care of the paint and body work for three truck companies, and doing full restorations on cars. He quickly had a waiting list building! He finally decided it was time to quit his job and focus on the restorations.  

With Brian’s eye for perfection and his wife’s patience, they have grown the company to be a full restoration garage. They do everything in house from paint to exhaust and interior. With being a start to finish shop, Brian needs to have various pieces of equipment on hand to help speed along the process but still produce a high quality finished product.

While still having a bottom line to watch, finding the best equipment for the best price can be quite the process. Brian ran into this when looking for an air compressor. He found the perfect air compressor for his needs but there was one problem, it had a three-phase motor but he did not have a three-phase power source at his shop.

This did not stop Brian, he knew there had to be a way. He did a little bit of research and found American Rotary. He liked that fact that American Rotary is American made and had a nice, clean, professional look. He called the support line and had a conversation about what his needs were.

He ended up going with the ADX30 and found this to be a very economical solution. Brian also likes how it takes up little space and is very quiet. Now, Brian is able to grow his business by getting efficient three phase equipment and still watch his bottom line now that he has a three-phase power source!

Having an American Rotary Phase Converter is a great economical solution for a location without three phase or where three phase power is cost prohibitive to bring in. An American Rotary phase converter can be tailored specifically to your needs.

Please give American Rotary a call and speak with one of our Applications Engineers to find out we can help make your dream your reality.