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Jimmy DiResta with American Rotary Phase Converters

A while back, we had the pleasure to visit with the one and only Jimmy DiResta. Jimmy is a designer, builder, maker, educator, and all-around inspiration to many.

In this video series, DiResta offers insight into how he got started in his dynamic career, advice on how to create an effective YouTube channel, a tour of his shop and farm, his thoughts on three-phase power and using a rotary phase converter, and even answers some questions from the YouTube crowd.

If you don’t already follow his channel, subscribe here. You won’t regret it.

Jimmy DiResta – My Start Part One

Jimmy DiResta – My Start Part Two

YouTube Advice From Jimmy DiResta

Jimmy DiResta Scrappy Shop Tour

Jimmy DiResta Farm Tour

Jimmy DiResta on Three-Phase Power

Jimmy DiResta Q&A