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Austin Kuehl

I am EXTREMELY satisfied with American Rotary! I was hesitant to spend the extra money over the other phase converters that I was looking at, but often times you pay for what you get. This is most definitely the case with them. Their idler motors are so incredibly quiet that you can’t even hear them run while your machine(my mill or lathe) is running. The installation is very straightforward. I purchased the 3 phase load center with the ADX10 to be able to use multiple machines off the same converter, which is definitely the way to go. Furthermore, the customer support is second to none(the best I have had in a long time). I wasn’t exactly sure the breakers that I needed and questioned the way to wire the load center, but their quick email and call responses quickly answered my questions. I received an email shortly after I received the parts asking if I had any questions about installation, needed any help, etc. I AM A VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER and will recommend them whenever possible! Remember, you pay for what you get! Check out the pictures/videos of this on my Facebook/ Instagram Kuehl Enterprises.