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Jim Brosseau

After 8 years of perfect performance from my American Rotary 20 hp converter I burned out the control unit and had to replace it. The fault wasn’t the design…I was inadvertently abusing the start caps by “pulsing” my mixer. The box held on for about 4 months before letting go. I called American Rotary for advice and was surprised to get a person on the phone after hours. Despite being stuck at home with an illness, Chris Feavel helped me figure out the most expeditious way to deal with my problem which turned out to be a complete replacement of the control unit. Repair was an option but I didn’t have time to wait. The new unit arrived on schedule and was very easy to install. The directions were clear, and it even came with a video. I got stuck at one point due to my lack of skills, but their tech support was superb and I had it running in short order. These folks really stand behind their product and I would enthusiastically buy from American Rotary again.