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You do have an amazing item. We used this 5 hp unit to power up a 1.5 hp cooler and a 1 hp ice maker. The system works perfectly. We mounted it on the side interior wall, adjacent to the electric panel.

We hung it with 2 3/8″ bolts threw the wall into to upper motor mounts, with the 2 lower mounts in place and resting against the wall. There;s no vibration and minimal noise, and even runs smoother when loaded up.

The control panel mounted directly to the wall adjacent to the motor, allowing for short runs of conduit and wiring. I will take some pictures and show you just what the system is running. The customer is very happy and this saved him $20,000.00 cost if he ran conventional 3 phase, into his building. We showed the customer the operation and the importance of flipping the breaker and the start button at the same time to eliminate single phasing. The customer keeps his system running continually. I now know where to buy this fine system, the next time needed.