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7 Power Tools Every Woodworking Shop Should Have

We recently took a random survey of our woodworking customers and asked them what were the top five woodworking pieces of equipment that they suggested every woodworking shop should never go without. We got a lot of feedback and we wanted to go through and inform you of the top results. In fact, we got such good feedback that we decided to inform you of the top seven woodworking power tools.

1. Table saw – Table saws are a good resource to have available to you. They can be used to make various cuts depending on the project you are working on. Some of the more frequent cuts that the saw is making: cross-cutting, ripping, making miter joints, and miter cuts just to name a few.

2. Router – The versatility of a router usually goes unnoticed. There are a lot of uses for a router that many beginner woodworkers don’t realize is available to them. Not only can routers be used for finishing off the edges nicely, but also for cutting in mortise joints, inlay grooves, and keyholes. There are many other available features available to you when you use a router.

3. Jigsaw A jigsaw is a smaller saw, but a very important one. The jigsaw is a good way to start before access to a band saw is available. The jigsaw is good for cutting a hole in the center of the wood, cutting circles, and different shapes out of material. The jigsaw is very compact and does not take up a lot of space.

4. Circular Saw – This is often the first power tool added to one’s tool armory. This saw can be used to cut large or small pieces of wood. This saw is also smaller and very portable to move to different locations. The saw can be used to make plunge cuts, angle cuts, and rip cuts. There are many other uses available.

5. Sander – Whether you’re using precut wood or cutting it yourself you will be using a sander at one point or another. There is hardly any beginner or advanced project involving wood that you will not be sanding. Having a power sander will save your arm from sanding manually. A power sander will give you a nice smooth finish across all surfaces.

6. Power Drill – Once all of the wood is cut and sanded you will need to assemble the pieces to get your final project. This means there are bolts and screws to assemble and possible holes to be made. A power drill has multiple bits that you can swap out depending on your job needs. This tool can be a big-time saver compared to using traditional screwdrivers and hand drills.

7. Planer/Jointer These can be sold as individual machines or as a combo set. These machines are important to make sure that you starting your project off with a straight and true piece of wood. You want to think of your boards as the foundation for your project. If the first few boards are off, the rest of the project will be off. There are many more uses for a planer/jointer as you get more experienced in woodworking. These units can be sold as simple tabletop units or large industrial-sized machines.

Your individual shop needs may vary, but these were voted as the top power tools needed. As always, make sure you do your research and follow all of the safety recommendations from your tool’s manufacturer. Make your American dream your reality.