3-Phase 200-240v VFD’S

The ACS150 drives are designed to be incorporated into a wide variety of machines such as mixers, conveyors, fans or pumps. The ACS150 drives have an integrated user panel, potentiometer and a variety of features such as pre-defined connection macros, making drive selection and configuration easy. With an optional FlashDrop tool these drives can be configured quickly in volume.


3-Phase 200-240 Volt, Available in the following power ratings:


      • 1/2HP, 2.4FLA 
      • 1/2HP, 2.4FLA 
      • 1HP, 4.7FLA 
      • 2HP, 7.5FLA 
      • 3HP, 9.8FLA 
      • 1/3 (1/2)HP, 1.8(2.3)FLA
      • 1/3 (1/2)HP, 1.8(2.3)FLA 
      • 1/2(3/4)HP, 2.4(3.5)FLA 
      • 1(1-1/2)HP, 4.8(6.6)FLA 
      • 2(3)HP, 7.8(9.3)FLA 
      • 3(5)HP, 12.2(16.7)FLA 
      • 5(7.5)HP, 17.5(24.2)FLA
      • 7.5(10)HP, 25.0(30.8)FLA 
      • 10(15)HP, 32.0(46.2)FLA 
      • 15(20)HP, 48.0(52.8)AMPS
      •  20(25)HP, 59.4(74.8)FLA


If you are looking for something specific that you don’t see listed. Feel free to reach out to American Rotary at 888-743-6832 and we will be happy to help find something that will work for you!


3-Phase 200-240v VFD’S



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