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American Rotary Expands Global Distribution of Three Phase Power Converters

American Rotary will offer its industry leading three phase power solutions in partnership with South American distributors

Menomonee Falls, WI, May, 18th, 2015 – American Rotary, the world’s leading manufacturer of three phase rotary phase converters announced it has expanded distribution in Latin America. The company has solidified partnerships with LAERA, Wesco Distribution, Summit Electric, as well as a number of other independent contractors to streamline distribution across South America.


“We are thrilled to join with our Latin American partners to meet the rapidly growing three phase power requirements of the agricultural, industrial, and construction industries.”, Christopher Feavel of American Rotary. “South America is a rapidly expanding market and there is a clear need for reliable, three phase power. Three phase power is the power of choice for many applications. It allows machines to run more efficiently and last longer than machines running on single phase.”

American Rotary has manufactured rotary phase converters in Wisconsin since 1995. Proud of its We Are American Made motto, American Rotary engineers their phase converters to deliver optimum performance. Featuring Variable Impedance Generators (VIT™) and MicroSmart™ Controllers, American Rotary phase converters are designed to be the most powerful and precise rotary phase converter on the market.

Last year, the company expanded its distribution network in Canada in response to growing demand. “With our new partnerships in South America, we can better serve the growing three phase needs of customers throughout the Americas.” David Rehm, CEO of American Rotary. “We are pleased that that our converters are recognized, around the globe, as a powerful and reliable source of three phase power conversion.