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Ryan Hedrick

Absolutely amazing products and customer support. I have two ADX series phase converters and both work great for the metalworking equipment I am running. I recently purchase a wire remote switch from American Rotary and was having some difficulty getting in to work correctly. So I decided to give American Rotary a call to get some assistance, I talked with Jacob in the sales department at the Wisconsin location and he went over everything step by step with me to confirm all of the wires were in the correct location. He also gave me some pointers of different things that could be affecting the switch. After I went though everything we have discussed, everything worked just like describe in the description on American Rotary’s website. If you are in the market to get a phase converter for your home or business I would highly recommend getting an American Rotary phase converter, not only for the high quality products they produce but the amazing customer support you will receive as well.