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Andrew Miller

I purchased the AD30 from American Rotary about 2 months ago and so far have been extremely pleased. It is extremely quiet, very well built, and best of all, it just runs and works. As a business, I need equipment that I can rely on and trust and I am very happy that I trusted American Rotary. They had it to me within a week of ordering! Had an electrician come out and wire it in, 100 amp single phase breaker, then 2 guage wire going to the phase converter, the phase converter then feeds a 3 phase sub panel where I have my Haas Super Mini Mill wired into. Voltage is well balanced to within 5% which is what I need to run my CNC Mill. The Mill powers up and runs without any hiccups at all, I can’t even tell it’s being powered off a phase converter. No delay or lag when the spindle starts/stops. Overall, this phase converter is probably my best piece of equipment that I have as far as not having any hiccups. Extremely pleased and glad I didn’t waste my time with the other brands. Thank you!