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Jeff Longley

I was in a situation of do I spend $45,000 for 3 phase power from the power company or do I buy the AD30. Well when looking at the numbers it was an obvious choice. I bought the AD30 and could not be happier! I followed the directions which were spelled out very clearly. I used #3 copper for all my power lines including the grounds. I used a 100amp breaker for my single phase feed. It’s important in my opinion to monitor the 3phases of power coming out of the RPC going to my 3 phase panel. To do that I purchased the phase monitor contacter. I wanted the ease of pulling the wire easy so I used 1-1/4” metal clad flex tight. The AD30 powers my Fadal VMC15 XT with no problems what so ever. The unit is quiet and works flawlessly.

Go with a USA American Rotary if you need 3phase power.