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Janet Murphy

Our company recently moved into a building that did not have 3 phase power. We contacted our local utility for a quote to upgrade our service to 3 phase. Due to current supply chain issues, we discovered the meter box required for the upgrade had an anticipated delivery of 50 to 60 weeks!

We decided to purchase a rotary phase converter to bridge the gap until our upgrade could be completed. After extensive research, we chose American Rotary. We’re extremely pleased with our decision to purchase an AD60-PM digital phase converter.

We’ve been running 5 pieces of equipment with it including a lathe, surface grinder and three 5-axis mills. We’re able to run multiple items simultaneously, including 400 volt European machines with transformers. We’re seriously considering continuing with our current process and avoiding a very costly 3 phase upgrade. We may just run the entire shop using phase converters.

Our unit is very quiet. Setup was a simple, straight forward, intuitive process. American Rotary products are made in the US. Service is outstanding and the staff is knowledgeable, professional and friendly. We’ll definitely purchase any additional phase converters from American Rotary.