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Lucas D’Angelo

I have an AMP10 Tier 3 with the ADX upgrade and it is an incredible machine. When working with one of the salesmen, Mike, I was informed that my machine would have to be built to order before shipping. Now in most cases, I’ve found that “built to order” means a lead time of several weeks at least. In this case, I was told that due to the unit needing to be built to order, it likely wouldn’t ship until “tomorrow afternoon” – and that’s exactly when it shipped. Incredible! After receiving the shipment and unpacking it, I was impressed with both the build quality of the converter and with the crating/packaging of it! This is the epitome of American manufacturing – quality products and amazing service. I’ve gotten the converter up and running some of my old machine tools and it is absolutely outstanding!! I would recommend American Rotary to absolutely anyone looking for 3 phase power where it’s not available. The team makes selecting the right unit and options a breeze and turnaround time is quick. I’ll be a user of American Rotary equipment for life!