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East Side Cabinets with American Rotary Phase Converters

In this video, Dave & Dave visit East Side Cabinets, a maker of European-style cabinets located in Madison, Wisconsin. Bryan gives us a tour of his shop and shows how multiple phase converters from American Rotary power all of his equipment including his edge-bander, air-compressor, and his CNC router, which are all three-phase. As East Side Cabinets expands, American Rotary has continued to provide the single to three-phase solution for the company.

American Rotary supplies phase converters for every facet of the woodworking industry. While a single phase converter can be used to operate a single piece of machinery, woodworkers often need to start and run multiple 3-phase machines (sometimes simultaneously), which also have varying load conditions. The balanced output of American Rotary phase converters allows for the safe operation of very small, lightly loaded 3-phase machinery on the same rotary 3-phase converter as larger, hard-starting equipment.

For more information how you can leverage the benefits of a phase converter for your wood shop, visit our woodworking applications page.