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January 2022 Women’s Feature

This year American Rotary wants to shine light on women that have been working hard to be where they are in male dominated industries. This month we are featuring Barbie the Welder!

Getting her start in the welding industry in 2007, Barbie the Welder’s interest was sparked in welding after seeing an angel wing sculpture in the opening scene of the Tom Hanks film, Cast Away. A self taught artist that is also a published author of and an advocate for the skilled trades, it is clear to see Barbie’s passions and creativity through her intricate work. Working in any industry has its challenges and Barbie has faced, first hand, the challenges of working in a male dominated industry. “The challenges have always been learning and improving skills. Looking at what I’ve done today and working to improve on that tomorrow! Little improvements over time add up!” Barbie continues to push these boundaries through her creative skills.

Showcasing her work on various social media platforms throughout the years, Barbie has acquired quite a large following and now has over 83 thousand followers on Instagram, 22 thousand followers on YouTube, and is also in the process of creating welding Masterclasses which will be available in the near future. Barbie also frequently performs demonstrations and exhibitions at events such as SEMA, Americade and Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and she has also sculpted creations for Harley Davidson, The American Welding Society, Miller Welders and clients spanning over 16 countries

“I’m obsessed with creating! To be able to see something in my mind and bring it to life through Metal feels so amazing! I love the freedom of art and creation, there are no limits to what I can create! Practice your craft, whatever that may be. Put in the time, learn to play, and play to learn! It’s freaking scary how much you can grow over time!”

Barbie the Welder

American Rotary supplies phase converters for every facet of the metalworking industry. These converters produce a balanced three phase output to accommodate both very small, lightly loaded metalworking machines and very large or heavily loaded machines all with just one phase converter. Every American Rotary system comes with our exclusive integrated soft-start idler/generator, which drastically reduces inrush (starting) current for reliable starts with no voltage drop. A great example is our AD Digital Smart Series Rotary Phase Converter – a high-performance digital system specifically suited for voltage-sensitive equipment. The AD Series will handle just about any load, especially resistive, rectified, and computer loads such as welders, plasma cutters, VFDs, EDMs, and battery chargers. With proper sizing, you can run your entire shop off a single rotary phase converter!

Need Three-Phase Power for Metalworking Production?

Welding and metalworking is just one of thousands of industries American Rotary has been able to help with rotary phase converters.
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