Win a Custom Video Contest – One Month Down, One to Go!

The first month of our #WeAreAmericanMade contest is complete which means there is only one month left to win a custom video documentary on your hobby or business!

If you haven’t yet, remember all you have to do is share a photo, video or article about any American Made product which you build, make, create or operate and tag it with #WeAreAmericanMade on any of our social media pages, including; YouTube,TwitterFacebookLinkedIn or Google+.

So far, we have heard from numerous American companies across the nation. They’ve sent us videos, stories, pictures and links to their social media sites that have allowed us to learn more about their great American Made products! Visit their websites below to learn more.

John Saunders – NYC CNC
Blake Jones Design
Palomar Technologies
Globe Composite Solutions
GCS Marne
Diversified Machine Systems
Fat Wheels
American Striping

Here are a couple of the most recent video submissions:

We will share these throughout the month of May with our network and select a winner at the end of the month – See full details here.

We sincerely hope you take the opportunity to become a part of our honorary engineering department this year, and even if you don’t use our product, we would love to see what awesome projects you are working on!



David Rehm | CEO
American Rotary

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